Tarek Kabrit, co-founder and CEO, Seezar
Tarek Kabrit, co-founder and CEO, Seezar Image Credit: Supplied

Seezar, your GPT-powered AI companion to revolutionize car buying experince 


‘Seezar’ uses advanced AI to deliver a sophisticated interface to walk customers through the entire sale process.

Dubai: A new AI-powered virtual assistant is set to help car buyers research, select and purchase cars through dealer websites at any time of the day.

The Seezar virtual assistant is specifically designed for the automotive retail sector and will help dealers complete full digital sales outside of working hours. It will also give them the opportunity to pass over to a human salesperson if necessary, for a complete omnichannel experience.

Currently being piloted in the UK by leading automotive omnichannel retailing services provider, ATG, the virtual assistant has been designed by specialist software-as-a-service (SaaS) developer, Seez, to engage customers with a natural conversational interface on a dealer’s website, effectively serving as a 24/7 sales assistant for dealer staff.

A recent survey carried out by Seez found that 73% of visits to dealer websites occur outside of typical opening hours, specifically after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends. Where conventional chatbots have simple responses and basic data capture, Seezar uses a powerful, data-rich AI engine that is integrated with specific resources on the internet and multiple dealership sales ecosystems. This means it can provide unparalleled customer service, deliver sophisticated responses to complex questions, and will be able to complete an entire vehicle sale digitally.