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Seen Media & Communications Network has launched the Delivering Happiness initiative, supported by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and Dubai Police, to express gratitude to delivery riders on the International Food Delivery Day. The initiative is universally appealing to organisations in the UAE, encouraging many of them to join this effort and honour them for their services.

Delivery riders are a part of our daily lives, responsible for delivering our purchase on time. These are the people who are on the run day in and day out, however, we sometimes overlook their contributions in our lives. This unique engagement initiative aims at offering a fun-filled day to them, a break from their usual work, and boosting their mental well-being.

"By offering a fun-filled day, we are lucky to start a new trend in CSR, identifying the riders who are all around us," says Sabina Shaikh, Head of Operations Seen Media & Communications Network and founder of Solitaire Events.

"We plan to become their brand ambassadors and invite you to be part of this journey dedicated to them. With this initiative our aim is to rediscover goodness and our ambition is to recognize, reward and reenergize, so that we are recognized, rewarded, and reenergized by just a thought of establishing something meaningful.”

Dharmesh Zavery, General Manager- Flexible Packaging at Hotpack Global, says, “Being one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the Middle East, Hotpack Global is always keen to involve with various uplifting opportunities and by joining Delivering Happiness, we express our commitment towards every aspect of the supply chain. We believe sustainability begins at home and therefore it is essential for us to support and appreciate all the resources within and outside the industry. Delivery riders are our priorities towards the end consumer when it comes to food packaging and hence we are honoured to be part of the drive.”

“In my dual roles as a superbike racer and a scaffolding businessman, I've found a unique opportunity to support delivery riders through this event. Racing at high speeds and constructing scaffolding may seem worlds apart, but both require precision, safety, and a commitment to excellence," says Nasir Syed, the founder of CHS and DSBK,   adding, "This event is aimed to acknowledge their hard work, inspire them to continue their outstanding service and foster a sense of community among these riders. We salute their efforts and look forward to supporting them on their journey, as they continue to speedily bridge the gap between businesses and customers. These delivery boys are the true road warriors, and their stories deserve to be celebrated and shared with the world.”

Ramesh Aswani, Chairman of Infra Gulf Properties, says “The event Delivering Happiness is such a unique and positive initiative towards the delivery riders that we could not resist to be part of it. Being part of a greater society, we always believe in giving back and hence we are part of such causes.”

Rasasi’s management says, “Rasasi Perfumes is a family-owned enterprise that started from a small shop in Deira’s Murshid Bazar. Today, this homegrown fragrance empire has expanded to 60 countries, thanks to its dedication to innovation and belief in its vision. At the heart of Rasasi’s story is its relentless spirit which unlocked the company’s success story. This mirrors the inspiring tales of the countless delivery riders who make lives easy for customers every day. Like Rasasi, these riders embark on their journeys from unassuming origins, with nothing but courage. And small beginnings often pave the way for great success. We are a proud partner for 'Delivering Happiness,' an event that honours the dedication of delivery riders. It’s a reminder of what it takes to reach your dreams. We invite you to join us in celebrating the riders' unwavering pursuit to deliver happiness. Together, let’s inspire a brighter, happier future for all.”

Netrapal Sharma, the Managing Director, Old Mumbai Ice-cream, says, “Customer service has also been a core value for Old Mumbai Icecream and with this initiative we get an opportunity to contribute towards serving the humanity.”

Supriya Takkar Fernandez, Founder of Vasai Local Restaurant, says, “This is a community where people encourage one another and build one another up, not just in words, but more so in deeds. I live in a country where empowerment is key, our leaders are our inspiration; hence it’s time that we also become a blessing for others.”

Lishaa Groves, Marketing manager of BRW Society, says, “Contemporary healthy tea brand, BRW Society is delighted to be supporting the campaign Delivering Happiness for the delivery riders of our community. We use delivery drivers on a daily basis and it is time they are celebrated this International Food Delivery Day. The BRW Society tea will provide tea to these unsung heroes to support their day."

With the concept of “Delivering Happiness” as a social initiative, a day is set aside to deliver happiness in the form of sports, entertainment, competition, food, refreshments, prizes and giveaways for the delivery heroes on Friday, September 8, inviting delivery boys to Insportz Club, an indoor sports destination, and enrol for games and entertainment.

"This is a simple but profound journey of important gestures comprising empathy, appreciation, respect and above all self-introspection for the right attitude towards fellow humans. The very stakeholders are also leading the initiative and making a path to a better and inclusive environment around us at a micro level and show the way to greater good at a macro level," says Shaikh.