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India is a sub-continent with diverse cultures and heritages. It is celebrated for the traditions that live in every corner of India. 2023 is the year when India is honoured to hold the presidency for G20 Summit. The foreign delegations will visit India to appreciate the idea of macro-economy, Sustainable Development, Financial and Economical values, etc.

The G20’s Tourism working group meet at Srinagar works towards enabling the development of local and global tourism among G20 countries with an eye to achieving the UN’s 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development. It is an opportunity for India to showcase not only its industrial growth, but progress made in tourism and travel, popularising locally created goods, and preserving cultural variety.

As the forerunners of Kashmiri Pashmina, Pashmina.com has been chosen to give a few glimpses of the renowned Kani Pashmina Shawls to a worldwide audience. Being a prominent supporter of traditional crafts, the company is pleased to announce its attendance at the famous G20 meeting, where it will present the exquisite Kani art to a large, global audience. “This unique opportunity strengthens our dedication to safeguarding and promoting traditional craftsmanship as we are honoured to showcase the exquisiteness and intricacy of Kani weaving to a worldwide audience,” says Varun Kumar, Founder of Pashmina.com.

Kani is a type of handwoven textile that has its roots in India's picturesque valley of Kashmir. It is recognized for its meticulous craftsmanship and breathtaking designs. Using traditional wooden looms, skilled artisans weave vibrant patterns, incorporating delicate motifs and vibrant colours into Kani shawl. The process of handcrafting a Kani Pashmina shawl takes a few years to complete and calls for extraordinary skill and precision, producing highly coveted works of art.

At the G20 summit, Pashmina.com will present a stunning showcase of its finest Kani Pashmina shawls, featuring an array of exquisitely handcrafted shawls and scarves. Each piece in the collection embodies a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary designs, appealing to both classic and modern sensibilities. The exhibition will serve as a testament to the enduring elegance and timeless allure of Kani weaving.

Pashmina.com places high value on sourcing the finest materials, ensuring that every piece reflects the unparalleled beauty and superior craftsmanship synonymous with the art of Kani shawl making. “The participation of Pashmina.com in the G20 summit underscores our commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and elevating the art of Pashmina on a global scale. By displaying Kani Pashmina shawls in front of world leaders, we aim to raise awareness about the phenomenal craftsmanship and cultural significance of this treasured art form. By fostering appreciation and acclaim, we hope to encourage an unceasing preservation and appreciation of traditional art and craft” asserts Varun.

Pashmina.com is on a mission, and will remain, to revive the art of pashmina & make it the most sought-after accessory in every fashion connoisseur wardrobe.