Murat Ortac, Founding Partner of Ortac International
Murat Ortac, Founding Partner of Ortac International Image Credit: Supplied

Ortac International Accounting opens Dubai Office

Dubai: With Dubai becoming one of the favourite destinations of global business people in recent years with regulations encouraging foreign direct investment and favourable minimum corporate tax rates, Ortac International Accounting has recently extended its services to Dubai, following its locations in Cyprus and the UK. With over 27 years of experience, Ortac International offers tailored solutions in company establishment, tax consultancy, and accounting, the company said in a media release.

The growing interest in the UAE and especially Dubai is due to the convenience and procedural flexibility provided to foreign investors, especially from the United Kingdom and Türkiye, said Murat Ortaç, Founding Partner of Ortac International Accounting.

“Dubai's tax advantages and business-friendly environment set it apart from most EU countries. Its cosmopolitan ambience and skilled workforce continue to prove attractive to entrepreneurs from across the globe,” he said.

Relocation demand from Turkish companies up 17%

While estimates indicate that five thousand British companies operate in the UAE, the number of British expats living in Dubai alone is thought to be around 240 thousand, the company said. On the other hand, DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) data shows that the number of Turkish companies established in DMCC exceeded 570, with an increase of 17% in 2023.

Stressing that the company establishment process can be completed within 7 business days, Ortaç said, “Providing services with authorized signatories, Ortac International Accounting is the authorized solution partner of IFZA, Dubai's most active free zone. In this way, it completes the company establishment in a very short time, and delivers it to the company owners along with a 2-year investor visa.”

Services with its own licenses

Murat Ortaç reminded that each country's trade laws require special expertise and that business people who want to maintain efficiency during the international expansion process can achieve their goals much faster with expert teams.

“Through our new office in Dubai, we have extended the services to Dubai. We are breaking new ground by providing services in all three countries with our own licenses and experienced staff,” he said.

“As a consultant operating since 1996, we cooperate with local actors and authorities, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles, and empowering businesses to achieve their expansion goals swiftly and efficiently within days. We recommend business people who want to establish a company in Dubai, UK or Cyprus to work with an expert business partner rather than wasting time and money by proceeding unplanned with internet information,” he concluded.