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The Melodica Music Center has come up with additional investments in music education across the UAE due to its recognition as a leading institute of music education and performing arts among kids, adults and music professionals.

"We're happy to invest in music education and performing arts, which will enable us to expand our music education programs and serve more students around the UAE," said Mr. Afshin Jafari, the founder of Melodica Music Center. "All individuals should have access to high-quality music education since music is a language that unites people from all backgrounds. This new investment will assist us in achieving our aim, which is to inspire and empower the UAE's upcoming generation of artists." He added.

Melodica is adding investments to open new branches and buy musical instruments to add more values. Two new branches are going to open in next month making total count to twenty, across the UAE. Ten thousand plus students are being allowed to study in music field in a year to build their soft skills. The Institute suggests "at least two hours of music curriculum" each week for every student.

With this new investment, Melodica aims to expand its reach and impact, making high-quality music education accessible to more students and communities across the UAE. In addition, the investment will enable the Institute to enhance its facilities, recruit more qualified teachers, and provide more affordable music education programs to a broader range of students.

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More chances to study music, learn instruments, and engage in the performing arts will help children across the nation discover and cultivate their passions. To improve students' learning experiences, they use the most modern music software and hardware facilities in the classrooms. The Music institute also conducts many concerts that allow students to show off their musical abilities and get practical performance experience and recognition.

The institute also introduced a new framework for happiness and wellness to assist students in honing their focus on Music and Performing arts. Each student's needs will be prioritized to provide an inclusive learning environment. The framework for happiness and wellness specifies the categories in which students will be evaluated. How well students listen to their instructors and fellow students, participate to improve their academic performance and contribute in building a healthy culture.

Children, youngsters, and professionals have right to get top-notch music education in their early years of schools and upgrade skills continuously. According to Melodica Music Center, collaboration is important among all music educators, focusing on the needs and interests of kids, teenagers and professionals. It asserts that all kids and teenagers with musical aptitude and interests should have the chance to advance professionally.

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Besides the music education, the wide range of services available at the center are Ballet, Hip Hop, Belly, and Zumba Dance for kids & adults, focusing on the student's fitness & health benefits. With a team of highly skilled and talented faculty members and 20 convenient locations in the UAE, which includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah, the music center continues to provide advanced opportunities in performing arts.