Patrick Baiata
Patrick Baiata SVP Global Media for Media One International Image Credit: Supplied

Media One International, a leading newswire service, announces the launch of its wholly-owned office in Dubai Media City, set to open its doors on July 5, 2024. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company's global strategy, bringing its renowned services closer to businesses in the Middle East.

The new Dubai office will join Media One International's established network of four offices in Europe, along with affiliates in the US, Japan, India, Africa, and Latin America. As the business landscape evolves and regulatory frameworks develop, the company anticipates further expansion into key markets such as Saudi Arabia.

Media One International is renowned for its local service and global reach, providing businesses in Dubai and the Middle East with unparalleled access to major consumer and capital markets worldwide. With a commitment to delivering full-text press releases to news media, magazines, financial markets, investors, databases, and social media platforms, the company empowers organizations to amplify their messages and reach diverse audiences.

Patrick Baiata, Senior Vice President of Global Media for Media One International, emphasizes the company's comprehensive approach to press release distribution:

"While is certainly a prestigious site, it represents only a small part of Media One International’s larger value proposition. Media One International releases are posted on hundreds of major portals and websites worldwide, including all of the most popular sites. Furthermore, Media One International is transmitted directly into the editorial systems of virtually every Associated Press subscriber in the United States (and worldwide, for that matter). This means every newspaper, radio station, and television broadcast outlet. The real value of Media One International is its abilities to reach multiple audiences — business-to-business, business-to-consumer, investors, and the media — simultaneously, and in real-time."

For businesses seeking to enhance their brand visibility, build customer trust, and expand their market reach, Media One International offers unparalleled solutions tailored to meet their needs.