Lincoln University Nov 29 for web

Surely, none of us are strangers to virtual memories for during the last two years, that is how we have nurtured the most human aspect- our emotions. There are certain things which, simply due to the strength of their emotions go beyond the virtual. Even though the shift to a virtual platform was challenging, Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) celebrated the success of their students after a long wait since 2018, not once but twice this year, through the two Graduation Ceremonies it held during the months of September and November 2022. For many of our students, it was the biggest day of their life; something that they would cherish forever.

Needless say that both these events were a huge success. Our students came from far and wide, from Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world all walking bright eyed and smiling, hand in hand with their loved ones. Our faculty and VIP’s excitement were evident. We were joined by Dr Bob Gammie, Dean of York Business School and Dr David Norris, Performance Marketing Director, Mediaworks. Dr Steve Letza, Chief Academic Officer and Dr Rekha Pillai, Dean of LUBM as well as, LUBM stood by us as always. If not for their guidance, we would have been lost in this labyrinth called “academia”.

Like the rocks which lay as a foundation beneath an alluring edifice our Management, Mr. Bibin Thomas, Mr. Krunal Trivedi and Ms. Meghavi Banerjee stood by their staff throughout the preparations for the events. They would never shy away from being a helping hand while proving that a hard day’s work can be fun. Their encouragement and undoubted belief in their team made their team wade through it and when all went well, there was no feeling to match the one that told everybody’s hearts that it was all well done.

In September 2022, we had the Graduation Ceremony for our students through partnerships of York St. John University and University of the West of Scotland, UK. Our theme for this ceremony reflected our belief that at the heart of sustainable practices and a better future for our planet, lay education.

In November 2022, we held the Graduation Ceremony of our students through our partnership with Geneva Business School, Switzerland. Recognizing that 2022 has been a year of moving on towards a brighter future our theme was Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. This theme mirrored the resilience of our learners, our faculty and also our programs which had overcome colossal hurdles in the past two years to reach this moment of achievement.

As our students celebrated the end of their academic journey with their BA Hons., BBA, MBA and MSc programs, we reflected on our partnerships. The story of these partnerships is nothing less than remarkable, one that saw a series of ups and downs and had its shares of intense joy and also at times of dismay. However, these Graduation Ceremonies proved that our story did not end at dismay. The smiles of our students, the pride in the hearts of their loved ones and the hope for the future shone bright on those two starry evenings, validating that our partnerships were now on steady ground and had left the struggles of the past behind. Together with the learnings from our errors we are determined to walk further and stronger.

As the new year beckons, we are sure that the qualifications which our students have achieved will take their professions to new heights. As for LUBM, we look forward to our future, to continue serving our students while renewing our commitment towards quality education. We truly believe we are more ready than ever before to take on the future and whatever it may bring us, virtual and beyond.

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