SPC Free Zone considers itself a powerhouse for new entrepreneurs and investors. It provides an eco-system for business owners to thrive and concentrate on growing their business. Starting a new business can be an intimidating concept for some, however SPC Free Zone equips new business owners with the right tools for smooth sailing in their new entrepreneurial journey.

Along with business licenses and company setup, they offer value-added services for necessary procedures to allow the new business owner a hassle-free experience and to allocate valuable time and resources on growing their business rather than facing delays or interruptions. Because they value their clients’ time, they work with reputable providers and government entities to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Concierge services

SPC Free Zone offers concierge services that are tailored and customised to an individual’s specific needs. The team’s extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge about the local market, systems, processes, laws, and regulations of the UAE allow them to provide valued clients with ease, convenience, and simplicity through services such as:

Free corporate bank account opening assistance for new business setup – save Dh1,575.

Entrepreneurs and those new to the UAE may struggle to set up a bank account due to not having sufficient knowledge and awareness about frequently changing requirements and banking procedures. SPC Free Zone provides clarity, recommendations, and advice on the best type of bank accounts from a list of leading UAE banks, based upon your individual needs and requirements, whilst simplifying the seemingly complicated process.

SPC Free Zone also handles the required documentation, as well as the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. A banking KYC procedure is a client-onboarding process that involves assessing and taking necessary actions to ensure customers are real, and help prevent illegal schemes such as corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing. This can take some time – however, with SPC Free Zone’s connections and partnership, the process can be finished quickly.

For a limited time, SPC Free Zone is providing free bank account opening assistance with all new business setups. This particular service comes at a charge – however, SPC Free Zone prides itself on being a support system for entrepreneurs and is offering it for free during this festive period so you can save AED 1,575. The offer is valid until 31st December 2021 – T&Cs apply.

More concierge services include:

• Emirates ID & Medical Screening Test

All UAE residents are required to undergo a medical screening test for the resident visa process (new visas + renewals). The concierge team will assist with the appointment and take you to the medical centre to fast-track your application.

• Visa Service

Assistance is provided with the renewal, cancellation, or new application of all residence visas, including domestic workers visa. This also includes change-of-status (e.g., from tourist visa to residence visa). 1-month and 3-month tourist visas can also be provided.

• Document clearing

This includes government attestation, notarisation, translation, apostille and embassy related documents.

• Tax certificates

The team helps individuals and corporate companies with obtaining tax certificates. Tax residency certificates are issued by the UAE Ministry of Finance.

• Dual License (Mainland and Free Zone) approvals

Some may choose to open a business with a dual license and operate in the mainland as well as the free zone. SPC Free Zone provides complete support in registering the business with the relevant mainland government authority i.e., Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD).

• Customs Code

To import and export goods in the UAE, your company must be registered with the UAE Federal Customs Authority. A code must be obtained for the clearance of goods with a valid trading (or commercial) license, which the team assists in obtaining.

• Delivery service, pick-up and drop off

Your documents can be delivered to your doorstep, and a driver can be assigned for pick-up and drop-off to government centres for visa and Emirates ID procedures, medical screening test, and more.

• Value-added services

This includes (but is not limited to) priority service, P.O. box application, phone answering, assigned parking slots, usage of the theatre, company stamp and printing.

Make your life simpler and let SPC Free Zone do the work for you. Learn more details at or call 800 SPCFZ (77239).