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Mimoun Assraoui, John Obi Mikel, David Regueiro Santalla celebrating with RGS Pupils after the match” Image Credit: Supplied

This Monday, RIF Trust’s Global Brand Ambassador and former Premier League football legend, John Obi Mikel, visited the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai to host a one-off football session for a number of Year 2 pupils. This visit highlights the importance of quality education and John Obi Mikel’s quest to inspire children to become global leaders on and off the field.

Mikel is a former Nigerian footballer who played as a defensive midfielder. He won the Champions League, the Premier League and the Africa Cup of Nations among other trophies. He retired from football in 2022 at the age of 35. In October 2022, Mikel became RIF Trust’s Global Brand Ambassador and joined the ranks of other international talents who have directly benefited from the UAE's Golden Visa programme, which allows foreign talents and athletes to live in Dubai after retirement.

Sister school of one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai (RGSGD) is a forward-looking, leading British curriculum school which opened in September 2021. The vibrant and welcoming school offers a British education to pupils aged from 3 to 18 years old and empowers its pupils to flourish and grow into future-ready young people.

"Education and opportunity are the key to unlocking one's potential and pursuing one's dreams," Mikel said during his visit. "I am impressed by the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai's commitment to providing a high-quality education that fosters academic excellence, personal development and co-curricular activities. The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai offers a world-class education that prepares students to be future global leaders."

David Regueiro, RIF Trust’s Chief Operating Officer, also highlighted the importance of education in shaping future generations. "Education is the foundation of sustainable development and social progress," Regueiro said. "We are proud to support the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai's mission to inspire and enable young people to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in the world."

Mikel and Regueiro’s visit to the school also highlighted the benefits of the UAE's Golden Visa programme. "The UAE's Golden Visa programme is a game-changer for individuals who want to live in the UAE and give their family the best opportunities for the future," Regueiro said. "It allows them to enjoy the high quality of life, security, stability and multiculturalism that Dubai offers, as well as access to various benefits such as tax exemptions, property ownership, business setup, education and healthcare."

Mikel echoed Regueiro’s sentiments, adding that the UAE Golden Visa programme had allowed him to enjoy the freedom of mobility and pursue his passions beyond football. "Dubai has become my second home thanks to the UAE Golden Visa programme," Obi said. "I appreciate the opportunity for my family to live in one of the most dynamic and multicultural cities in the world and contribute to its growth and diversity."

"We are delighted to welcome one of our parents, John Obi Mikel, to the school to inspire our pupils to follow their dreams, overcome challenges and pursue their passion in sport. Our school shares his values of excellence, integrity, and passion. The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai is committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares our students for a bright future and we’re passionate about pupil development through sport so this partnership is a perfect match." said Clare Turnbull, the school's Principal.

Mikel’s visit to the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai was a reminder of the power of education and opportunity to transform lives and the importance of nurturing global talent and innovation. As the UAE continues to attract and retain talented individuals from around the world, programmes such as the UAE Golden Visa and leading educational institutions like the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai play a crucial role in shaping the country's future.

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