Hilshaw Group
Shaher Mousli, Chairman, AMPG, and Dr. Lal Bhatia, Chairman, Hilshaw Group Image Credit: Supplied

Hilshaw Group and Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group signed an agreement to develop a sustainable mega real estate project, which shall soon be launched in the emirate of Dubai. The companies will collaborate through the contribution of their native expertise to execute the multi-billion dirham venture. Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group will be the alliance's real estate design, sales, and development arm. Hilshaw Group will render its core through funding, financial consulting, and overall project sustainability administration.

Hilshaw Group is a multi-family office and investment advisory. The company primarily invests in low supply and finite real estate opportunities. The company had previously allocated $175 Million towards UAE real estate, specifically towards the facilitation of the remote work visa program.

Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group (AMPG) is a successful property investment and management company renowned for creating value for a diverse range of clients. AMPG has a network of global offices and a proven team of industry experts and property professionals responsible for developing and selling over 30 million square feet of real estate since its inception.

The soon to be launched project endeavors to benchmark the development of real estate that co-exists with nature and the environment. All channels and technologies that help reduce carbon emissions are a vital part of the partnership ethos.

The concept and resulting project is in line with the UAE net zero by 2050 strategic initiative and is designed based on a customized sustainability strategy. The project's overall vision is being developed to deliver carbon neutrality, water saving and efficiency, renewable and naturally harnessed energy, state-of-the-art energy saving, and lighting systems, improved accessibility, and integrated biodiversity.

“While the role of developers is often considered to be limited to ‘positive returns for investors,' they in fact, bear a greater responsibility towards the environmental impact of the properties they build. Buildings and real estate account for 30-40% of CO2 emissions, outpacing the transportation industry. Considering our climate, people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors; it is the industry’s moral and practical responsibility to create products with reduced negative environmental impact," said Dr. Lal Bhatia, Chairman, Hilshaw Group.

“The key to Hilshaw’s methodology for this sustainable real estate project is to go a level deeper than the existing Global Goals and identify measurable and value-added targets that support the financial and SDG performance of the project, and it is a privilege to have partnered with a Group that shares our vision,” he added.

“With the evidence of the economic benefits of green buildings and the positive impact they have on the environment and the people who live and work in there, it is imperative that the real estate industry takes a more active role in establishing their own sustainable agenda for the future,” said Shaher Mousli, Chairman, Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group.

“Our faith in Hilshaw Group’s domain expertise in developing sustainable structures comes from their successful track record and we are immensely pleased with our alliance with them for the upcoming project,” he added.

The project offers a unique three tier ROI structure for investors with earnings from the sale of carbon credits generated by the project in addition to capital gains and rental income.

The companies are geared towards a project reveal by the end of this year.