Saudi data compliance
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Hawsabah partners with SearchInform to ensure data compliance with Saudi NCA regulations

In a strategic move to meet the regulatory requirements set by Saudi Arabia's National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), Hawsabah has deployed SearchInform's protective solutions, marking a significant step towards enhancing data protection and classification for Hawsabah in alignment with regulatory mandates, the company said in a media release.

Hawsabah’s decision to implement protective software from SearchInform was driven by meticulously evaluating key features, prioritizing rapid deployment, user-friendly operation, and comprehensive functionality, it added.

The next-generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, Risk Monitor, and Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) solution, FileAuditor, offer a unified platform requiring the deployment of just one agent. This streamlined deployment process ensures operational efficiency, with implementation completed within hours, a notable contrast to competitors in the market. Leveraging hundreds of pre-set configurations, these solutions enable immediate results, providing sophisticated protection and data classification capabilities.

Fatin Alziyad, Cybersecurity Specialist at Hawsabah, said, “We especially appreciate that SearchInform's solution works and installs on the computer as a single agent. We implemented the software quickly and easily without having to involve third parties or consulting. Our company considered offers from other vendors but decided on SearchInform, as its solution covered all our needs, and during the integration, no problems with the software were detected. I would like to highlight a feature called user traffic and activity archiving, which is not available from any other vendor. The system allows you to save all logs to files quickly and scans and classifies data accurately. At the same time, DLP enhances the ability to set up configuration and security policies without effort.”

SearchInform experts accompanied Hawsabah specialists during all the implementation stages.

Lev Matveev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at SearchInform, revealed, “SearchInform has been working in the information security and risk management sphere for many years. We appreciate the trust of Hawsabah and are happy that our solutions meet the needs of companies in the region. I’d like to note that the DCAP system FileAuditor is now equipped with the functionality to mark documents in accordance with international legislation. 400 templates have been added to the system to make the life of enterprises and institutes easier and eliminate the risk of any violation of the law."