Varsha Dawes, Founder and Director of Keto in a Cup Image Credit: Supplied

When you eat from Keto In A Cup you can be good to your body and still look forward to every meal.

Our story began with Varsha’s dream of doing just that – to manage her health, her image, her lifestyle but without compromising on the food she loves. She looked everywhere in Dubai for a restaurant which could provide great tasting keto meals. But they didn’t exist. So she started to develop her own recipes, using healthy ingredients in a novel way to create her favourite comfort food: pasta, kibbeh, noodles... We all remember the long lockdown during the depths of the pandemic and how we longed for a great meal to enjoy with a Netflix movie. Varsha made that dream a reality. And her experience has taught her that food that is good for you can still be awesome!

Now Varsha has founded Keto-In-A-Cup so that everyone can enjoy a huge range of savoury snacks and meals and continue to love their food whilst avoiding carbs. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength as a growing community of Keto-In-A-Cup friends come back to us for a different meal that satisfies every time.

Eating ketogenic food is not a once-off diet or a fad – it’s a whole way of life. When you break your fast with Keto-In-A-Cup meals you will feel satisfied for the rest of the day. And it tastes so good that you won’t feel the need for those snacks! Our meals are prepared daily by professional chefs using the freshest natural ingredients.

Have your favourite keto arabic mezze -with cauliflower humus, falafel, beef kibbeh, spinach fatayer, cheese manakeesh or keto Japanese style with prawn tempura maki rolls and ramen bowl with chicken and noodles…

Discover Keto-In-A-Cup for yourself. You won’t find a complete range of keto meals anywhere else in Dubai. Look for us on Deliveroo and Ingfit; follow us on Instagram or visit

Keto -In-A-Cup: Keto and low carb comfort food when you want it.