For Gellify, this is the sixth in its annual series of corporate entrepreneurship summits. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The digital transformation company Gellify will host the sixth ‘Corporate Entrepreneurship’ summit on November 23 and 24, with the aim of helping organisations through ‘corporate entrepreneurship’.

The online event is free-to-attend and will see over 70 speakers address a range of topics, including about the circular economy, energy transition, sustainability, and ESG take up in the services and manufacturing industries.

“Innovation and venturing help established companies accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies and create new streams of revenues through distinct, agile and innovative vehicles,” said Massimo Cannizzo, CEO of Gellify M.E.. “Innovation has the purpose to challenge the status quo and adapt businesses to the fast-changing world.

Without innovation, companies risk settling for past successes and end up losing market share. Without venturing, the process to launch a new digital business would not be fast enough. Corporate Entrepreneurship is a strategic growth tool that helps companies to disrupt new markets and scale.”