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Legendary football icon Michel Salgado, AIX's President of the Board Fadi Dabbagh and Al Jalila Foundation's CEO Dr. Amer Al Zarooni, Rashed Al Mohtadi, Business Development Manager unite to transform Abdul Rahman Zararga’s future Image Credit: Supplied

A remarkable event at Al Jalila Foundation on the 25th of September celebrated the anticipation of a brighter future for a young boy, Abdul Rahman Zararga's health journey. AIX Investment Group is set to play a pivotal role in Abdul Rahman Zararga's upcoming life-saving surgeries through a generous contribution, which is being facilitated by Al Jalila Foundation. This collaboration showcases the powerful partnership between AIX Investment Group and Al Jalila Foundation, highlighting the profound impact of compassion and solidarity in securing Abdul Rahman's future.

The significant and heart-warming event was attended by legendary football player Michel Salgado, and AIX’s President of the Board Fadi Dabbagh, representing AIX Investment Group, alongside CEO Dr. Amer Al Zarooni, Rashed Al Mohtadi, Business Development Manager and other key members who represented Al Jalila Foundation. The highlight of the event was the presence of Abdul Rahman, who is scheduled to undergo surgery soon. The young boy is an ardent enthusiast of football and motorsports. He had the extraordinary opportunity to meet his football idol, Michel Salgado, and was gifted passes to attend the F1 race in Abu Dhabi courtesy of AIX Investment Group.

Abdul has been courageously battling Aortic Valve Disease since birth. His condition, marked by a progressively worsening leaky Aortic valve, has led to a dramatic deterioration in his quality of life. Despite daily heart medications, Abdul Rahman's heart has swollen to an adult-sized dimension, limiting his once-active lifestyle. However, thanks to the compassionate collaboration between AIX Investment Group and Al Jalila Foundation, Abdul Rahman is on the verge of receiving a ray of hope. AIX’s generous contributions are paving the way for his much-needed surgery. This support is expected to transform Abdul Rahman's life and exemplify the profound impact that corporate philanthropy and dedicated foundations can have on individuals facing life-threatening conditions.

Rashid Al Habtoor, a prominent figure in the UAE and the esteemed strategist partner of AIX Investment Group, commented, "At AIX Investment Group, philanthropy is woven into the fabric of our mission. We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve, and our partnership with the Al Jalila Foundation exemplifies our dedication to this cause. We are honored to support initiatives that contribute to a better future for all."

Dr. Amer Al Zarooni, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, expressed the significance of this partnership, saying, "Our collaboration with AIX Investment Group embodies the spirit of unity and the shared commitment to bettering lives. Together, we are addressing an urgent medical need and setting an example of what can be achieved when corporates and charities come together."

Fadi Dabbagh, of AIX Investment Group, stated, "Our partnership with Al Jalila Foundation is driven by a shared vision of creating a brighter future for those in need. Abdul Rahman's story resonated deeply with us, and we are determined to make a meaningful impact on his life through this collaboration."

Michel Salgado added, "True philanthropy is about making a positive and lasting change in the lives of individuals. Al Jalila Foundation's mission aligns perfectly with AIX’s commitment to giving back.”

Salem bin Lahej, Director of Patient Care Program, Al Jalila Foundation, emphasized, "This partnership exemplifies the essence of compassion and solidarity. It's heartwarming to see organizations like AIX Investment Group step forward to support our mission. Together, we can provide hope and healing to those in urgent need, like Abdul Rahman."

Rashed Al Mohtadi, Business Development Manager of Al Jalila Foundation, highlighted the core essence of sports philanthropy and its expansion within Al Jalila Foundation, stating, "Teaming up with influential athletes like Michel Salgado, who care deeply about making a difference in the community, epitomizes the true spirit of sports philanthropy. Sports stars inspire and unite, fuelling impactful philanthropic engagement within communities that uplift and enrich lives."

The gathering captured the spirit of philanthropy and the joy of fulfilling Abdul Rahman's dreams. AIX Investment Group is a prominent financial institution known not only for its financial advisory but also for its unwavering dedication to philanthropy. Their mission goes beyond the bottom line, focusing on creating opportunities that enable individuals to pursue their dreams and aspirations. AIX Investment Group's involvement in this partnership showcases their genuine commitment to making a positive impact on society, whether it's through supporting sports initiatives or healthcare programs. To know more visit: