The 2024 HEALTH Awards showcase an expanded range of categories aimed at recognizing excellence in the healthcare sector. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Fifth Annual HEALTH Awards Gala, organized by HEALTH Magazine, is gearing up to honour excellence in healthcare once again this year on November 20, 2024, in Dubai, announced Tumbay group in a media release. According to the organisers, this distinguished event serves as a platform to acknowledge remarkable contributions and innovative brilliance within the healthcare sector. Nominations from across the GCC are now open, and the addition of global categories adds sparkle to the ceremony this time, with the winners set to be revealed during a gala event in Dubai on November 20, 2024, said the organisers.

New segments including Global Recognition, Medical Education, Pharma, Veterinary, and AI breakthroughs have been added to the categories. Anticipated to draw over a thousand attendees, including healthcare leaders, professionals, and prominent Arab and Bollywood celebrities, this event is slated to showcase the healthcare industry's commitment to excellence, advancement, and celebrating success.

The Annual Health Awards has been a platform to publicize and promote significant achievements in the healthcare sector since its inaugural edition and as many as 63 awards were present in the last edition.  The Annual Health Awards 2024 aims to inspire healthcare professionals and institutions to dream big and embark upon great endeavours.

The UAE Ministry of Economy's projection of healthcare spending potentially reaching $26 billion by 2028 aligns with the nation's substantial investment in healthcare infrastructure and services, according to the organizers. The report further states that this commitment is exemplified by the ongoing development of 700 healthcare projects, totalling $60.9 billion, primarily driven by private sector endeavours.

Dr Thumbay Moideen, in explaining the goals of the HEALTH Awards, said; "These initiatives are geared towards promoting excellence and enhancing the quality and infrastructure of the healthcare industry in the region. As a result, such improvements not only cater to the local population but also position the UAE as a leading destination for medical tourism, thereby further boosting the nation's healthcare sector."

The HEALTH Magazine Awards ensure transparency and fairness in evaluating the nominees by a bench of prominent jury members.

The 2024 HEALTH Awards showcase an expanded range of categories aimed at recognizing excellence in the healthcare sector. This year, new segments have been introduced, including Global Recognition, Medical Education, Pharma, Veterinary, and AI. Under the corporate categories, accolades will be conferred upon outstanding entities across various fields, including Clinic of the Year, Hospital of the Year, Academic Hospital of the Year, Diagnostic Centre of the Year, Healthcare Insurance Company of the Year, Medical Academic Institute of the Year, Pharmaceutical Innovation of the Year, AI-Driven Healthcare Innovation of the Year, Veterinary Hospital of the Year, and Veterinary Clinic of the Year. These diverse categories reflect the multifaceted nature of the healthcare industry and highlight excellence and innovation across different sectors.

In the Individual Categories, HEALTH will honour contributions to healthcare from a personal perspective. These categories include Leaders in Healthcare, comprising Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs in the field; Executives in Healthcare, encompassing roles like CEO, COO, CMO, and CFO; Physicians, Surgeons, and Medical Specialists exhibiting exceptional expertise; Women in Healthcare who have made remarkable strides in the industry; Innovative Researchers in Healthcare pushing boundaries; Dedicated Nurses providing critical care; and Pharmacists ensuring the safe and effective use of medications. These categories collectively celebrate the dedication and innovation within the healthcare community, acknowledging their pivotal role in promoting health and well-being.

Nominations for HEALTH Awards 2024 can be submitted for a total of 60+ organizational and individual categories. For more details on the award and categories, and to submit your nominations, visit their website: http://www.healthmagazine.ae/awards