From left: Michael Andersen-Founder and CEO, Rafaela Pereira-Head of Marketing, Richard Connell-General Manager. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In the dynamic realms of Dubai's technology and AV, EuroTech ME stands as a pragmatic visionary company, merging different segments and carving out a niche that blends entrepreneurship with a profound commitment to empowering the next generations, according to a company release. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Michael Andersen, the company’s journey in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East region serves as a testament to the power of grit, foresight, and a hands-on approach to management.


The company’s commitment to its ecosystem extends beyond traditional AV and technology services by offering complete holistic solutions. From conceptualization to post-launch monitoring, the company guides businesses through every stage of their projects, ensuring seamless execution and adherence to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Andersen's ascent within the company's success story wasn't a straight line; it involved a series of calculated risks and strategic moves. Starting from his early days interning at an IT security firm, he quickly realized the value of practical experience over traditional education.

Mentorship, internships, and project funding

Through targeted investments, collaborations with local universities, and hands-on training programs, the company is cultivating a pipeline of skilled professionals poised to drive innovation in the region. By aligning EuroTech ME's goals with initiatives like the ‘Youth Council of Dubai Customs’ and supporting multiple initiatives by university students, the EuroTech ME leadership team bridges the gap between corporate success and societal impact, creating opportunities for the next generations to thrive. The company has recently announced a series of internships throughout the year, starting with their Summer Internships. It has several open positions for students to gain full work experience, participate in in-house trainings, and receive close mentorship from senior managers. “Providing the proper tools and true support to the young ones who are hungry to succeed is of paramount importance to really help make a difference. To me, it’s more than just guidance and giving my time; it’s a financial commitment that I am making. In doing so, I am hoping to help propel amazing projects that just need that little push to aim higher,” said Michael Andersen, Founder, and CEO of EuroTech ME.

Pioneering modern practices across the region

Furthermore, in alignment with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals to develop the telecommunications and information technology sectors, EuroTech ME is spearheading initiatives to facilitate the transition from traditional work models to modern, cutting-edge practices. Through services such as dedicated help desks and full-time staffing solutions, the company empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation with confidence, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the workplace of the future.