This is the third year that Emirates Macaroni Factory is lining up for the health campaign. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE food brand Emirates Macaroni continues to drive the ‘Health Is My Wealth’ program, built on a series of community initiatives. The wider intent is to get kids, moms and families make positive changes in their own health and food safety.

The campaign wants to get consumers focused on ‘starting with small changes, to expansive steps and volunteering, instigating a ripple effect’.

“While genetics play a factor in some cases of heart disease, most are related to a person’s long-term lifestyle choices, such as whether they smoke, the food choices they make and how physically active they are,” said Ahmad Belyouha, Chairman, Emirates Macaroni Factory. “This is where parents come in, they have a huge influence on whether children develop healthy habits, and it’s never too early to start teaching them.”

This is the third year in which the local firm is participating in the campaign.