Twice restaurant
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai welcomes its newest comfort food boutique: Twice! Redefining the casual dining journey to a hip, upscale, and modern-day experience, Twice serves up all-american favorites and is designed to be a spot where family and friends gather. A newly opened hidden gem in an up-and-coming location in Dubai, Safa Complex, Twice is set to be the ‘it’ neighborhood eatery, firing up mouth-watering smash burgers and one-of-a-kind Detroit pan pizzas.

This hip-hop inspired eatery combines its passions for music, urban flair, and Dubai’s never-ending burger and pizza love affair. Joining forces with Emirati food connoisseur, Abdalla Juma, aka @Bod_Bod on Instagram, to curate the vibrant, quirky menu, Twice will redefine traditional burgers and pizzas with its extraordinary flavour combos, cooking techniques, and never-done-before dishes. Thanks to his worldly travels and relationships with international chefs, Juma has acquired the know-how to piece together the perfect menu, packed with ‘double the flavor’ and ‘double the punch’, capable of satisfying every customer every bite of the way.

The interiors of Twice draw on 90s hip-hop culture with its unique, vibrant interior. This modern-day bistro packs a colourful punch of retro and postmodern palettes throughout the interior with its colorful booths, pops of bright blue and pink detailing, streams of bulb lights across the ceiling, and contemporary eye-catching art featured on the walls. From the food to the music and funky interiors, Twice offers a dining experience that is welcoming, friendly, and hip for every customer.

Twice’s main menu offerings are two unique comfort foods: Smash Burgers and Detroit Pan Pizzas. Quite literally smashed on the grill, Twice’s smash burgers are made of seasoned and minced 100% wagyu beef, no grill-ready patties are welcome in this kitchen. These burgers offer a unique American-style taste, bursting with flavor and juices. Additionally, the restaurant will break boundaries with its Detroit pan pizzas, a dish never seen before in the UAE. Unlike a typical pizza, this squared masterpiece layers cheese and toppings before finishing it off with its sauce as the cherry on top. But don’t let the thickness of this deep dish fool you, as its crust is lighter and fluffier than its appearance. Capable of melting in your mouth, these pizzas are covered in so much cheese from its center to its edges that everyone will be fighting for a corner piece. Unique flavors for Twice’s Detroit-style pizzas include well known traditional flavors alongside those such as Truffle Burrata, and some funkier names such as Philly Cheesesteak, White Bronco, an all-white super cheesy dish, Okonomiyaki, a Japanese twist on a pizza, Burger City, a burger-inspired pizza, and more. Further elevating the kitchen’s quintessential menu are its mouth-watering appetizers and colorful salads. This eatery will make everyone think twice before shying away from a starter to ensure space for the main course. Twice’s eggplant fritti, cheesy mozzarella sticks, kale and cucumber salads will blow everyone’s expectations out of the water, and remind guests why there’s no place like Twice.

Having only opened on Friday, August 20th, Twice already sold out of all its burgers on Friday and once again on Saturday. The demand for the eatery’s food is high, and rumor has it they are the best burgers in town. Visit this new boutique kitchen in Al Safa before the entire menu sells out!