Dubai Carmel
Students of Dubai Carmel School Nicolas, Lara, Maryam, Jana with Jolly P Joy, IT HOD &Innovation Coordinator Image Credit: Supplied

A team of students from Dubai Carmel School has been announced by the British Council as the national winner of the Your World video competition 2021-22. The theme for the competition was Urban living: sustainable cities and communities which links directly into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 11.

'Your World' Competition is a flagship activity of British Council Partner Schools programme organized by the British Council. Students all around the world who take UK qualifications (International GCSE / O level and A Level) in partner schools were invited to participate in the seventh annual 'Your World' Video Competition.

The winning team includes four students, Nicolas Credo, Lara Mohammad, Maryam Fathi and Jana Islam and their School Innovation coordinator olly P Joy. They spent three months to complete various social action projects and recorded it. Their project addressed the issues that the community is facing because of urban population and their effects.

"The competition was announced in September 2021. From then on, we started preparing. We completed all social action projects in full compliance with the DHA guidelines for the management of covid-19 in educational institutions," said Nicolas, one of the students in this team.

Their three minutes live action video highlighted the issues had been identified and demonstrated how it is relevant to building a brighter future within a defined community.

In addition to identifying a key area, they suggested possible solutions for the highlighted issues in their live action video.

Dr Alia Yahya Younis, Principal of Dubai Carmel School, said: “This competition has given a fantastic opportunity for our students to use their creativity and critical thinking while providing a window into their unique lives, environment and experiences. We are proud of our young and creative children”.

The competition, which focuses on the concept of the idea of creatively rethinking the view of cities, in a positive way, aims to make cities more sustainable through social action project that address the problem of a community.

The British Council confirmed this video has now been sent as the official entry from UAE and will announce the global winners on March 10, 2022.