Lead Daniele Pescare
Daniele Pescara, CEO of Falcon Advice, Italian mentor and investor Image Credit: Supplied

The Italian economy was already strongly tested by years of profound crisis and now it is constantly worsening due to the pandemic still in progress. The health emergency has had and still is having a catastrophic impact on the Italian situation, as the data updated in June 2021 and published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the European Commission show us: the current Italian debt situation is constantly increasing since the debt ratio increased from 135% to 160% in 2021.

The smartest Italians have already protected their resources by allocating them to the countries that have dealt with the global crisis in the best way: the United Arab Emirates. They have a strong economy and they can enjoy a stable currency. Therefore, thousands of Italian entrepreneurs have already decided to set up a company or move their headquarters to Dubai.

The CEO of Falcon Advice, Daniele Pescara, helps the Italian excellences to move to the UAE. He confirmed that the requests for Dubai and for the UAE, in general, have increased by 200% due to all the companies and individuals interested in protecting their assets. Since 2018, the Italian entrepreneur has been the reference point for all those who want to invest in the Persian Gulf, which is highly coveted due to its subsidized taxation. Pescara’s offices are located in Italy (Padua) and in Dubai, so he can offer to his selected international customers a 360-degree assistance to open a company in UAE.

Moreover, Pescara coordinates Italian investments in the UAE, thanks to its multi-service office, which is directly accredited with the main special tax areas and business banks in the UAE.

Daniele Pescara reveals that "due to the continuous decline of the Italian economy, the most enlightened entrepreneurial realities from “Bel Paese” have opted to relaunch their business in the UAE, which allows this easily thanks to their free zones".

Furthermore, the positive forecasts relating to the Expo reinforce the financial leadership of Dubai in this delicate historical period. Expo will start next October: the long-awaited event is attracting the whole world and it is increasing the interest to move to Dubai. The universal exhibition, which is estimated to attract more than 25 million global visitors, will present multiple investment opportunities involving all the nations.

“In order to take advantages from the great showcase of the Dubai Expo and, in general, the advantages offered by the Emirate Free Zones, it is necessary to use tools that are suitable and functional not only for the market but also for the purpose that the customer wants to achieve” continues Pescara. "For this reason, it is essential to rely on a team of professionals who offer tailor-made solutions for the customer, so that we can satisfy all his needs. That’s why, Falcon Advice welcomes its customers face to face and plans the entire praxis, so as to accomplish an ad personam contract: thus, in about 36 hours the result will be achieved”.