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Businesses can now get a solution for their visa quota limitations by partnering with one of the topmost business and corporate service providers Connect Resources. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted businesses around the world forcing them to cut personnel and reduce operations. But, now that the world is overcoming this crisis, companies aim to conduct business operations in such a way where they can get the necessary employees whilst minimising the associated costs.

In addition, they also have to follow local, regional, and global health practices to avoid potential issues with the authorities and to ensure the wellbeing of the workforce. Given all of these complexities, entrepreneurs and foreign investors wonder if they should set up a business in the UAE or not; often pondering how they can hire more employees without needing to increase office space.

Aaron Portero, Managing Director, Connect Resources, said: “Amid Covid, many offices are providing opportunities to work from home, hence having no need to have a large office space. However, companies have restrictions on increasing their visa quota whilst increasing the number of employees, since this is dependent on the size of a business’s office space. This ultimately leaves them no choice but to increase the size of their office. The experts at Connect Resources offer a solution to this; As businesses grow and expand they need to hire the required staff to carry out all the essential tasks, Connect Resources allows businesses to increase their number of employee’s by providing those individuals with a visa via Connect Resources sponsorship and hence allowing businesses and companies to use Connect’s visa quota instead of their own. This enables businesses and corporations to grow and expand much more easily.”

With years of experience in the UAE market and hundreds of satisfied customers, Connect Resources is fully equipped to provide extensive knowledge and advanced expertise regarding visa, workforce, immigration and business setup services. Ensuring compliance to regulations, 24/7 support and competitive prices are some of the advantages you can get with this outstanding provider.

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