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AIDA CCI - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aveiro District, was at Arab Health and Middle East Energy in an action integrated in its project ADE - Aveiro Digital Export which has as main objective to transfer knowledge on the use of digital platforms as a way to foster the internationalization of companies. This also helped companies increase exports, while empowering and encourage them to explore international opprtunities. Another objective is to promote the region of Aveiro as a privileged destination in terms of international investment.

The region of Aveiro presents a solid business ecosystem, with 43,813 companies based there. This means that there are 26 companies for every square km. In 2019, the turnover of companies based in the city corresponds to over15Mm and the gross value added to over 3.5Mm.

Noteworthy is the growth of new companies in the region (5,697), with 156 new companies in high- and medium-high-tech sectors, with this figure up 8% on the previous year.

The main sectors of activity in the Aveiro region are Manufacturing (46%) and Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (32%). As for the industries, the main ones specialise in the manufacture of metal products (14%) and the manufacture of chemicals and synthetic or artificial fibers (13%). The presence of several multinational companies gives rise to a strong local and international dynamics, which contributed to exponentiate the development and relevance of the business fabric of the District of Aveiro.

Some of the companies in the top 10 of Aveiro companies with the best results and/or sales volumes are, for example, Prio Supply S.A. (manufacture of refined petroleum products); Faurecia (manufacture of components and accessories for motor vehicles) and Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. (manufacture and trade of cork and related products, cork rubber, rubber and its derivatives).

The different distinctions awarded to the Aveiro region reinforce its high attractiveness in terms of quality of life, tourism and business environment.

Aveiro is the 7th Portuguese city with the best quality of life, ahead of Porto and Lisbon. It also has an environmental quality index of 96.2 in 2019.

An investment was made in the protection of biodiversity and landscape of the municipalities of the Aveiro Region, in 2020, amounting to 337 000€. The proportion of municipal waste prepared for reuse and recycling is 78.8%.

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