Alien Bee NFT for web

The Alien Bees Club NFT collection is set to launch its 7777 NFTs this month. It is the UAE’s first-of-its-kind NFT project focusing on sustainability and cross-chain integration (utilising more than one crypto currency chain); for Cardano, Solana & Ethereum blockchains. Inspired by the 90s culture, this bee-themed collection cites the vibrant aesthetics as well as high utility.

This sustainability-centric project recognises the importance of the bees; bringing awareness to the vital role that the bees play in balancing the delicate ecosystem of the planet. Their initiative is collaborating with the finest apiculturists in Spain. Moreover, they are pledging to plant a tree for each NFT minted.

The Alien Bees Club's Metaverse

The project’s roadmap (plan) is largely centred around its own Metaverse. The metaverse (digital land) will allow users the chance to interact with the project in the digital space, running around in their avatars. It is currently under construction and designed to offer interoperability.

Alien Bees Club is partnering with Virtua to conduct the first cross metaverse bridge in the UAE. This will allow users to jump between metaverses. Partnerships like this mean a varied and richer metaverse experience for the users instead of smaller projects sitting in small confined bubbles.

Alien Bees Club’s Hive Pals collection, a subset of Alien Bees Club sold out in a matter of minutes. Minted on Ethereum, Cardano and Solana Chain, on 21st July to 23rd July 2022. It was a successful test run leading up to the Bees collection launch in August.

How Does One Mint An Alien Bees Club’s NFT?

To mint your own Alien Bees Club NFT, head over to The Mint will start on Aug 19, 2022 and last for three days. You may link your wallet and select the chain you would like to mint in. The minting for all three chains will stay open for a limited time. Each day of the three-day minting period is dedicated to one of three chains: the Cardano chain on the first day, Solana on the second, and Ethereum on the third.

For those who have not minted an NFT or have a crypto wallet it can be a scary process! You can either join our community through the website where help can be given, or follow the steps below.

1. Install a crypto wallet - for example you can download metamask (example wallet) from any app store which will allow you to store Ethereum. This wallet will allow you to purchase an NFT by connecting it to the seller's site, usually done by just clicking a connect button. Just remember to physically write down your recovery phrase words!

2. Purchasing crypto for your wallet - you can sign up to any major platform like Binance to purchase crypto, just make sure that it is the official marketplace web link. Once purchasing Ethereum for example, the platform will allow you to send it to your wallet (explained above) to store and use as your ‘crypto debit card’

3. Once you have purchased your crypto currency and sent it to your wallet, you are all set to mint an NFT! Just connect your crypto wallet and follow the process to mint your own NFT.

The Utilities Behind Alien Bees Club

The Alien Bees Club NFTs are packed with utility (benefits). Obtaining an ABC NFT in the upcoming will provide the user with a wide experience of benefits both digital and physical.

● All ABC NFT holders will get Metaverse Land in the wonderful Alien Bee Metaverse.

● Staking and Rewards for long term holding

● Receiving real organic Honey from the Alien Bees Club's hive located in Spain.

● Alien Bees Club is working on an animated series with the help of Julius Preite.

● The Holders will have access to the DAO & Community Wallet.

● The holders will also receive play-to-earn gaming assets every couple of months.

This project reflects all the surefire signs of a successful token.

Mint Dates:

Cardano: 19th Aug 2022 / 20th for UAE

Solana: 20th Aug 2022 / 21st for UAE

Ethereum: 21st Aug 2022 / 22nd for UAE

Mint Timings:

Hive Pal Holders - 7 pm ET (3 am GST)

Royal Hive List (WL) - 7:30 pm ET (3:30 am GST)

Public- 8 pm ET (4 am GST)

Mint Prices:

Cardano: 100 ADA

Solana: 1.3 Sol

Ethereum: 0.03 ETH