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Alesya de Monaco participated in the Global Wellness Event, held at Burj Al Arab, Dubai, on June 11, 2022. The exclusive event featuring varied activities, such as Lucia Light Therapy and Yin Yang Yoga, was graced by the VIPs of UAE.

Alesya de Monaco places prime importance on health and sustainability in the industry of luxury. As a firm believer in sustainable excellence and the miraculous healing powers of olive oil, the team of Alesya de Monaco introduced their products at the event. Souvenir gifts were given to all the guests on behalf of Alesya de Monaco.

At the event Alesya de Monaco displayed six varieties of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Over 50 guests got the privilege to sample the exclusive EVOO range. They highly appreciated the unique tastes and aromas of the oils. Dr. Maurizio Viel, an Italian plastic surgeon, commented, “As an Italian, I know my olive oils well, and this smell and tastes smooth. I definitely would recommend this." Eleftherios Tsoukalas, the assistant outlet manager for Al Muntaha restaurant also appreciated the light yet rich taste of the olive oils.

In addition, experts from Alesya de Monaco briefed guests on the importance of extra virgin olive oil. They hosted short workshops and activities to create awareness about the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Alesya de Monaco produces one-of-its-kind sustainable olive oil products that are truly fit for royalty. By ensuring the highest quality, along with sustainability, their extra-virgin olive oils bring together the best of both worlds.

Alesya de Monaco provides the first and only extract of extra virgin olive oil in the world. Provided with a certificate of origin, it is produced in limited quantities, by master craftsmen, from centuries-old olive trees. The extra virgin olive oil and its extract is carefully crafted to preserve all its goodness at every step of the process. It is brought to life, from harvest to creation, in less than two hours through a cold extraction process in the absence of oxygen. The resulting product is no less than the elixir of life. It ensures the preservation of precious polyphenols that are crucial in our health and well-being.

Alesya de Monaco has launched this exclusive EVOO range especially for the GCC countries. Their vision is to make Alesya de Monaco the preferred EVOO of choice for all those who believe in sustainable living. Alesya de Monaco is endorsed by the royal families from Monaco, Italy, Belgium, Yugoslavia and Serbia.