Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al-Sabah
Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al-Sabah, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Abbey's Productions

Abbey’s Productions continues to achieve consecutive successes by producing television series admired and watched by millions of viewers in the Arab world. During the holy month of Ramadan this year, the company topped the Ramadan race through the much-loved series Manzel 12 and Saqata Sahwan series.

Garnering a premium and advanced position on global digital platforms and on GCC and Arab TV stations via broadcast, Manzel 12, starring many popular regional actors presented a dramatised social concern within an exciting storyline. Saqata Sahwan also achieved a notable position among the most watched series on social media, dealing with societal realities in a light-hearted, comic context via another stellar performance by its cast.

Abbey’s Productions was established in 2019 in Kuwait, by Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al-Sabah. The company aims to produce works for television that achieve a positive impact on viewers by presenting realistic content reflecting life in the Arabian Gulf and formulating it in a thoughtful outline using innovative technology and tools in television production. Despite the recent founding of Abbey's Productions, in less than three years the company has managed to produce some of the most important and widely acclaimed drama series in the Gulf and Arab world at large, broadcast on screens by mbc channels group, Rotana channels group, streaming platform, Dubai TV, Kuwait TV, along with other esteemed TV stations, achieving record breaking viewership numbers.

Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al-Sabah, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Abbey's Productions, comments: "I personally supervise all details in every production we present, and I am keen to reach viewers from different segments of society and age groups by working closely with renowned directors and writers. We work diligently to research our content and scripts that simulate our reality and our lives in the Arab Gulf region.

"The Arab viewers are notable by their awareness and ability to consume unique productions, and we are happy with the success of our work and achievements. We will continue to work to provide the best for Arab viewers and to raise the level of the dramatic and entertainment production content in the Arab world.”

Since its inception, Abbey’s Productions has presented a myriad of television productions that have achieved great public success and the admiration of critics and recognised TV stations leadership.

These include the company’s first production, a series called Bi Tawqeet Mecca, the first drama to be filmed in the Kaaba, which also went on to rank number one in terms of viewership in the Gulf countries, the series, Zawaj Ella Roba, broadcasted during Ramadan 2022 on mbc channels group, atv Kuwait, and the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation sba channels; and the series Hadrat Al Mawqef, which was also shown by the mbc channels group, Sama Dubai TV, Sharjah TV, osn Network, atv Kuwait as well as many social media platforms thanks to its distinctive story and the innovative technologies used during production.

Abbey’s Productions is keen to diversify its projects to include drama, comedy, family and social content, which it showcased in its series Mama Amina and End Share 9 in their first and second seasons, achieving the highest number of views on the platform. This was in addition to Maashar Al Oshag video clip. The company aims to consistently realise Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al-Sabah's belief in the importance of these experiences, talents and unlimited creativity.