UAE: 7 Management and ADIHH, proudly announces the expansion of the Em Sherif brand into the UAE, with the launch of Em Sherif Sea Café, marking its debut into Dubai's culinary landscape as well as Em Sherif Restaurant. Both expected to open in 2025, this franchise venture signifies an exciting addition to the region's dining scene.

Em Sherif stands as a beacon of Lebanese culinary excellence, providing a remarkable fine dining experience that harmoniously fuses tradition with innovation. Established in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2011, Em Sherif has expanded to 22 locations spanning the Middle East and Europe, boasting prestigious establishments in Monaco, London, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, and the UAE.

Em Sherif is renowned for its ability to showcase the rich tapestry of Lebanese cuisine, providing guests with an authentic journey steeped in culture, heritage, and familial hospitality.

With Em Sherif Sea Café, the culinary journey extends to the shores, focusing on delivering an unparalleled seafood experience. Em Sherif Sea Café brings forth the freshest catches of the day, complemented by traditional Lebanese mezze and a dedicated beef bar corner.

Guests can enjoy the vibrant ambiance of Em Sherif while savouring award-winning Mediterranean cuisine, a culinary experience that has captivated diners worldwide and secured its position in the prestigious MENA's 50 Best Restaurants 2024 list as one of the top 8 establishments.

"We have been longstanding fans of Em Sherif,” said Rabih Fakhreddine, Founder and CEO of 7 Management. “Representing more than just a restaurant, this brand is truly synonymous with a legacy of tradition and excellence, both regionally and on a global stage. We are thrilled to introduce Em Sherif Restaurant and Em Sherif Sea Café in Dubai.” he adds.

Ammar Ammer, CEO of ADIHH, commented on the partnership, stating: “We are thrilled about our partnership with 7 Management. Which marks a new chapter in the UAE’s hospitality sector, further strengthening our position in the industry”.

With a famed reputation for exceptional cuisine, heartfelt hospitality, and unwavering respect to Lebanese cuisine, Em Sherif Restaurants will continue to enhance the culinary landscape of the UAE, while helmed by both 7 Management and ADIHH.