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Fabio de Serafini

One of the major players in the global transport industry, Iveco has established itself as one of the world’s leading truck and van manufacturers that has expanded its presence significantly in the Middle East. The company provides a full range of models that are designed to function through any climate, cargo and mission.

In the beginning of December, Iveco launched the new line up of heavy range vehicles in Dubai, the T-Way and S-Way.

Fabio De Serafini, Business Director, Iveco Africa & Middle East, says, “Every detail of the new Iveco Way Range has been developed in order to optimise all the total cost of ownership elements: fuel consumption, price, residual value, maintenance and uptime costs, driver satisfaction and productivity. With the new Way family, we cover the whole set of market demands with coordinated, but very differentiated products. The world is moving fast, and the world of transport must not only keep up, but anticipate and drive the change.”

The Iveco T-Way builds on the heritage of robustness and reliability of the brand’s long lineage of champion off-roaders. It introduces state-of-the art technological solutions to exceed all expectations in productivity, payload capacity, safety and driver comfort. These characteristics of extreme toughness, high performance and reliability are clearly expressed by the theme of the advertising launch campaign: Treat It Bad.

The Iveco S-Way is the new on-road vehicle from the new Iveco Way range, the ideal business solution for the fleet owner, and the perfect travel companion for the driver. It further increases its fuel efficiency, which was already among the best, with a new engine line-up and next generation rear axle, advanced technologies tailored to the customers’ needs. It builds on the success this range has achieved since its European launch in 2019 and has proved extremely popular with drivers for its high levels of comfort.

Customers appreciate the improvements in performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that come with the high reliability of the new truck.

In the face of fierce competition, logistics operators need top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets.

The new Iveco S-Way perfectly meets this requirement, providing a complete package of features without equal, developed with focus on driver centricity. It is more than a product: it offers a business model that covers the vehicle’s entire life cycle and helps Iveco’s customers to meet their own customers’ requirements.

Spotlight on after-sales service

De Serafini highlights that all of the company’s effort in the network development is on after-sales. He says, “We have specific plans to optimise the current premises and the tools we have available in the market and expand our organisation. Our after-sales service is one the strong points of our network and this has been built over the last ten years. Our network today has become very proactive in order to work with us and further expand our service activities.”

An example of this is the training activity they have developed in partnership with their dealer in the UAE, Al Ghandi. “Dubai is the hub for training manpower for the Middle East,” he adds.