Waseem Ashraf Qureshi Image Credit: Supplied

The last year has seen an unprecedented effect on the way that business has had to function and possibly will function in the foreseeable future. Out of this, the most resilient, innovative and above all gallant have succeeded. Amongst this is the brilliance in mind, leadership and entrepreneurism of one Waseem Ashraf Qureshi or WAQ as he is otherwise known.

It takes an exceptionally intelligent mind, one with phenomenal intellect and the ability to habitually innovate in his industry to be able to achieve the heights Qureshi has. And what is more intriguing is that while he has all of these skill sets and has achieved so much he remains an extremely humble individual.

Taking a close look at his brilliance in the creation, invention or innovation if you like of the Supercap based energy storage device resonates how talented this man is. Sirius is undoubtedly the most advanced battery (or Energy Storage Device as Qureshi prefers to call it) the world has ever seen. Now available in over 40 countries, it has the ability to charge in seconds, last for up to 45 years (at cell level), work in extreme temperatures, have a DC-DC roundtrip efficiency of 99.1 per cent and be fully utilised in each charge and discharge cycle without degrading. All this has unlocked the potential to achieve international targets on reducing carbon footprint, something we are all so desperate to do.

Then there’s the Centauri Energy Server, the world’s first energy management system that includes all of the functions of an inverter, charge controller, rectifier, UPS and power management system using AI and algorithm based software to control renewables and mixed energy sources.

One would assume that this in itself is an accomplishment worthy of a Nobel Peace prize, but what he has achieved to scale his technology upwards is the actual icing on the cake. Starting off in a humble workshop in Al Qusais, Dubai he is know the proud owner of a factory on almost six acres of land, with another launching in Pakistan on 13 acres in a mega energy storage based project where supercaps will be produced in a joint venture with Ghani Global Group. Kilowattlabs Technologies Limited, a public limited company has also been set up and upon announcement the markets saw shares in Ghani Global rocket. With plans in the pipeline for further factories in the US, Africa and Europe the world will need to start getting used to Waseem Ashraf Qureshi and his companies Kilowatt Labs and the Infusion Group.

It was once said, “The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving,” and with Qureshi’s brilliant navigation skills the group of companies is certainly moving in the right direction. Early this year they made some major announcements and one of those was the launch of the EV Battery, developed by Kilowatt Labs and manufactured by Infusion Power Industries. The battery can work with any Electric Vehicle, charges in five minutes, has a life of up to 45 years (at cell level), is submersible in up to 3 metres of water, and works without any temperature regulation or degradation between -35 and +85 degrees Celsius. Along with this Qureshi also launched his other phenomenal invention in the EV charging station using supercap based reservoir charging allowing for a quick five minute ‘zap charging’ as he likes to put it. Once again Qureshi’s genius and vision is leading the group to elation and growth.