The Kinderville Group was established in Montreal, Canada in 1990, on the strong philosophy of Veritas, Scientia and Respectus. Fostering Quality Care Education, Kinderville grew to be the largest group of private child care centers in Canada and the first group in the world to receive an ISO certification.

Kinderville students are happy, healthy, respectful, and confident Image Credit: Supplied

This year, 2020 marks Kinderville’s 30th anniversary. On this occasion, we have opened Kinderville’s 6th childcare center in Dubai’s buzzing & luxurious WASL 51 - the latest & hippest new complex in Jumeirah. Kinderville WASL 51 offers a state of the art safe and nurturing environment for children. With thirty years of excellence, of shaping great minds, of consistently setting standards for others to emulate, Kinderville is proud to have grown from a small center in the suburbs of Montreal to the great organization it is today.

Kinderville is where children gain the foundation to excel and shape the future, where educators impart strong values of character, and where creativity and knowledge thrive. And, we will continue to spread our love and care worldwide for hopefully another 30 years. It is no secret that Covid-19 has created a stressful environment for all, especially for our children. The global response and impact of Coronavirus has changed everyone’s daily life in many ways. However, we must understand that child development can not be paused. Children have been staring at their tablets, phones, computers and tvs more than ever before. Unfortunately, physical & cognitive activities are no longer at the forefront of a young child’s day creating a long term negative impact on their development. Though this pandemic has resulted in monumental changes to early years education, we strongly believe that it is the righttime for kids to attend childcare centers whom put health, cleanliness & sanitization protocols at the forefront.

At Kinderville, as early years educators, we believe that it is our responsibility to support children during thesedifficult times. We have built an excellent reputation for the quality of our work, our creative teachingmethods and our love for children.

Kinderville has operated and managed children's nurseries, preschools, early learning centres and elementary schools across Canada, before expanding to the United Arab Emirates. Our focus is on the enrichment of the“whole child”, which involves meeting the developmental needs of all children as they grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Every child is unique; then why should we teach them in the same way?

At Kinderville, we understand that each child is unique and, therefore has a unique learning method. Every child is different; they develop differently, have unique personalities, grasp information differently, possess various strengths & weaknesses and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs.

As expert child care providers, it is our responsibility to provide care as well as education standards and practice that are safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive for each child. We strongly believe in creatingresponsive relationships. Our goal is to have positive interactions between parents, teachers and children. In return, the strong *teacher-student* relationship builds on children's sense of *self as well as belonging and contribution*. It enables them to engage in their learning effectively.

Kinderville is committed to supporting children's development and learning especially during these crucial times; respecting individual differences; and helping children learn to live, play, and work cooperatively. Kinderville students are happy, healthy, respectful, and confident children! After all, there is no 'one-size fits all' way to parent or to educate!

About Gayatri Sagar

Gayatri Sagar Image Credit: Supplied

An entrepreneur with a heart, Gayatri believes that the very purpose of business and life itself, is to make a better world. Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Montreal, Canada and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship with a strong focus on Sustainability from London, UK ; Gayatri is a creative thinker & a visionary.

After decades of hard work and commitment, the born entrepreneur recently became the vice president of The Kinderville Group; the largest group of private childcare centers in Canada. Sparking creativity in children worldwide, Gayatri singlehandedly expanded The Kinderville Group into the Middle East and India. At a young age, Gayatri also co-founded The Kinderville Foundation with the aim of improving access to quality education for the underprivileged. Her passion for beauty and her commitment to help women feel their best in the midst of their hectic schedules led her to also open and create the ever so popular - Dolls Beauty Salon in Dubai. Gayatri is also the co-creator of The Dubai Dolls, with her partner Priya, a socially responsible, cruelty free beauty brand with purpose. Born in Saudi Arabia, of Indian heritage, being brought up in Canada and having worked & lived in London before moving to Dubai, Gayatri has learned that the ultimate definition of beauty and confidence is to be your most authentic self, inside and out. 

Gayatri believes that her businesses must benefit everyone they touch. Happy employees, suppliers, customers and society has always been her focus. Perhaps, this is the secret which has recently lead her to win the “Global Enterprising Woman of the Year Award” in the US in February.

“Profits from business come in many forms, only one of which is monetary. I focus more on serving whoever comes in contact with my companies.”, she says with a charming smile. With several accolades under her belt, Gayatri is a young goal digger with a passion and deep desire to continuously help those in need.