Zeeshan Awan, Head - Islamic Banking at National Bank of Fujairah
Zeeshan Awan, Head - Islamic Banking at National Bank of Fujairah Image Credit: Supplied

What digital products does NBF offer its Islamic banking customers?

As part of our commitment to being the best financial partner to our customers, we have developed a number of products to meet their personal and professional needs.

a) NBF Direct

Through NBF’s online banking, individual customers can access real-time information about their balances, deposits, and credit cards, as well as apply for new accounts, all from the comfort of their own homes. Customers may also request a variety of services online, such as demand drafts, transaction limits changes, cheque books, bankers’ cheques, supplemental debit card applications, account statements, reporting of retained cards at NBF ATMs and payment amendments. Additionally, customers can manage their credit cards by requesting services such as credit card blocking, PIN adjustment, replacement of damaged cards, NBF Reward Point redemption, and credit card or reward point statements.

b) NBF Corporate Access

NBF Corporate Access allows business owners to manage a multitude of integrated banking processes through one interface. This user intuitive platform empowers business owners with real-time access to their banking facilities and transactions. The platform helps corporate customers in viewing a comprehensive dashboard, daily reconciliation, manage payments to beneficiaries, schedule transfers in advance like WPS and FTs, predefine templates for trade finance, extract trade transaction reports as well as pay utility bills or top up Tasdeed prepaid card. One of the key highlights of this platform is a password free - secure biometric access, where authorisers can securely approve transactions via the NBF mobile app using an NBF security image, PIN or fingerprint ID.

c) NBF Direct online banking app

NBF Islamic banking can also be accessed with the NBF Direct online banking app. The app comes with an easy-to-use interface and security features that allow users to bank whenever and wherever they want with utmost confidence and convenience.

Customers can pay bills and check balances, transfer funds between NBF accounts or from an NBF account to any bank in the world as well as check the balances of all NBF accounts, finances, credit cards, and deposits. Customers can also manage their finances by having 24/7 access to all NBF bank accounts and reviewing the last ten transactions on the account or credit card. Other services include applying for new NBF products, opening new accounts or deposits, or simply applying for a finance, a cheque book, or a debit or credit card replacement; paying utility bills and topping up the Tasdeed prepaid card. If you need to find the nearest NBF branch or ATM, you can also use the Locate NBF tool.

d)NBF Virtual Teller Machine (VTM)

The NBF Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) allows you to connect one-on-one with a live teller through real-time video, allowing you to virtually complete any transaction that can be made within a branch while still receiving the personalised service. NBF’s VTM offers a variety of services, including online live contact with an NBF teller, new account opening, cash withdrawal, cheque encashment, statement printing, and product information.

How does NBF ensure its customers’ information is secure online?

At NBF, we’ve developed a strong cybersecurity strategy based on three key pillars: identity protection, data security, and culture. To secure our customers’ identities, we’ve implemented the most advanced authentication methods available, such as biometrics and facial recognition, and we’ve eliminated the need for password and SMS verifications. Our approach to data protection is steered by a cross-functional data governance forum, which is structured to ensure we manage data security, privacy, quality, and overall performance in an efficient manner while we continue to improve our techniques to optimise security. Finally, we have made relentless efforts to create a community in which staff, partners, and consumers are fully aware of and prepared to deal with emerging cyber-threats. We hold monthly awareness sessions to educate our employees and customers about cyberattacks and how to best navigate them.

How easy is it for new customers to open an Islamic bank account online?

Customers can open an Islamic account using their Emirates ID through NBF Instant App available on Google Play and the App Store. The new account is immediately operational, and customers can opt to have their card and welcome pack sent to their home at a convenient time.

Customers need only to follow eight simple steps to opening an account:

1. Download the NBF Instant App from the AppStore or Google Play Store

2. Open the app and enter your details

3. Use your mobile phone to scan your Emirates ID

4. Take a selfie

5. Confirm your details

6. Get your Transit Account

7. Book your welcome kit to be delivered to your doorstep by Fetchr

8. Tap “Confirm” and register for online banking