Dubai: Attijari Al Islami, the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s Islamic Banking Department, has introduced an improved version of its Ijarah Home products, making it possible for UAE nationals and residents to own their dream home in accordance with Shariah guidelines and principles. The Islamic mortgage products, which include new features, were launched to address the UAE’s growing demand for Shariah-compliant financial instruments. CBD’s Ijarah Home products offer transparent and competitive rates that guarantee great value to our clients. The products are meant for UAE nationals and salaried expats between the age of 21 to 65 (or retirement age); a minimum monthly income of Dh20,000; and a minimum employment of two years. Customers can choose from the following Attijari Al Islami Ijarah Home products: Attijari Al Islami — Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek (ready property); and Attijari Al Islami — Ijarah Sale & Lease Back (ready and owned properties). CBD Ijarah Home products feature highly flexible lease tenure of up to 25 years; minimum leasing amount of Dh500,000 and maximum leasing amount of up to Dh15 million. Lease locations are in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, with approved, listed developers; and with a leasing value of up to 85 per cent of the property value.