Given the high passenger numbers at Terminal 3 check-ins, only those with confirmed departures are advised to go to the airport. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: An unprecedented 1,244 flights have been cancelled at Dubai International (DXB) as of Thursday morning 10am due to flooding after relentless rains on Tuesday, a Dubai Airports spokesperson told Gulf News. And 61 flights were diverted to nearby airports.

On Thursday morning, the airport resumed partial operations out of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 after the operational disruption caused due to flooding.

“Check-in at Dubai International (DXB) has reopened for Emirates and flydubai flights operating out of Terminal 3, following the unprecedented weather experienced in the UAE,” said the spokesperson.

There is currently a high volume of passengers in Terminal 3 check-in area. Dubai Airports has advised passengers to come to Terminal 3 only if they have received a confirmation from their airline regarding their flight departure.

“We are working to process guests as quickly as possible and get everyone travelling to their destination,” explained the spokesperson.

Officials at Dubai Airports, the world’s busiest international hub, said authorities are working hard to mitigate the impact of the adverse weather for normal operations within 24 hours.

A spokesperson said, "We are collaborating with strategic partners and local authorities to mitigate the impact of this crisis and expedite the recovery of normal operations within the next 24 hours."

While airport authorities and airlines are working hard to resume normal operations at the airport, passengers must be prepared for delays to arriving and departing flights. "Passengers are encouraged to check flight statuses on the airline's website before heading to the airport," said airport authorities.