Dubai Skyline
A brand that keep delivering a strong, sustained and clear messaging. Image Credit: Agency

Almost all calls from outside the UAE I receive these days are from friends and associates who want to visit Dubai. I am amazed at the equity value ‘Brand Dubai’ retains, and set me thinking about the factors that have gone into making Dubai the city to visit.

One business associate, who lives on the other side of the world, spoke about the systematic vaccination drive - which is no mean achievement. This has given her and others the confidence to book flights to Dubai at the first opportunity. The salience of a great brand is clear communication and that is where Brand Dubai scores.

A great brand provides value as well as an experience that is memorable. Right from the time a person enters Dubai, he or she experiences value that is intangible and more experiential leading to impressions that last. Any brand that lives up to the expectations will gain acceptance. That is where Brand Dubai stands out, as one of the most preferred destinations.

The success of a brand is directly proportional to the efforts brand owners take to build it. In the case of Dubai, it goes without saying that there are plans that have been executed and plans that are in place to keep the brand relevant to diverse audiences.

Nothing like being authentic

Consistency is one of the core aspects that enhance brand value. It is obvious that Brand Dubai provides consistency in value, consistency in communication, and consistency in each aspect of consumer experiences. This leads to trust, which in turn leads to enhanced brand perception and acceptance.

A brand that wins consumer acceptance is authentic. Consumers are knowledgeable enough to see through a surface sheen. It is authenticity that makes Dubai a sought-after destination for people from all over.

The Expo is on. There is going to be a steady stream of new visitors coming in to experience the magic of Dubai. As residents, it is our responsibility to ensure that Brand Dubai exceeds visitor expectations. We have to provide an unparalleled brand experience that will help them to take back memories and make them come again.

Let all of us be Brand Dubai ambassadors. And to all those who are planning to visit Dubai, we only have one thing to say: ‘Marhaba!’.