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The Global Business Forum Latin America is back with a bang for 2022 with a focus on expanding economic cooperation between businesses across the GCC and Latin American and Caribbean regions. Here’re five things to look out for.

Big names

Three Heads of State will address delegates at this year’s GBF LATAM as they redefine bilateral trade between the GCC and the rest of the world. As we ease out of the Covid era, these leaders will discuss issues around regional trade integration, tax reforms and new policies, digital economy trends, and business opportunities that can drive sustainable growth in the years ahead.

Impactful sessions

There will be 25 insightful sessions covering a wide range of topics such as regional trade integration, economic reforms, and the digital economy. The sessions kick off with a look at the impact of Covid-19 hosted by Marcos Troyjo, President of the New Development Bank.

He will set out what he believes are the main areas of reform now necessary and the role trade can play in advancing those priorities. The pandemic served to highlight many of the long-term structural challenges facing Latin American and Caribbean countries, such as income inequality and poor health and education provision.

High-level networking

With over 800 delegates and more than 50 countries in attendance, GBF LATAM is much more than just a platform for discussing regional economic topics and new ideas – it will also host high-level facilitated networking and business to business meetings. Since there has never been a more critical time to meet and network with peers, the forum offers a unique opportunity to connect and reconnect with global leaders in the public and private sectors.

GBF Connect & The Expert Hub

Connect with the people who matter to you through facilitated B2B meetings at GBF LATAM. Get up-to-the minute information about market access, investment opportunities, or the business climate in various Latin American and Caribbean countries and the UAE at the Expert Hub. Situated in the networking area, this innovative space will feature trade and investment representatives from the UAE and LATAM and Caribbean entities as they share their knowledge and expertise.

The GBF Connect mobile app

Setting up valuable business meetings and connecting with the people who matter is easier this year with the GNF Connect Mobile app. Attendees can tailor their networking experience and get the most out of the event with a simple few clicks and swipes.