Sport a casual look with trendy and comfortable sneakers that you can wear all day, every day. Image Credit: Unsplash/AIRIZ

You can't have too many sneakers! It's a sentiment that likely resonates with most millennials. Ever since basketball star Michael Jordan partnered with Nike to launch the Nike Air Force sneaker in 1985, the footwear has become a common household name and a desirable item in every youngster’s wardrobe. Sneakers are comfortable, sporty shoes you can quickly become obsessed with. Originally designed as sportswear, they have become a style statement, and a staple in pop culture. Not only are basketball players and skateboarders seen wearing it, but rappers in music videos, celebrities in award shows, and models on the ramp wear sneakers as a fashion accessory. Check out our curated list of the best sneakers for everyone’s wardrobe. Avail an Amazon Prime subscription to get your sneakers delivered within a day.

For men:

1. Jack & Jones Trent 

These classy and comfortable Jack & Jones Trent sneakers are a must-have for every young man’s wardrobe. These lightweight sneakers come with a cushioned in-sole that conforms to the shape of your feet and offers optimum comfort. The out-sole is specially designed to provide excellent traction on almost all surfaces. Look sporty and trendy at the same time with these sneakers that are available in the colours black, white, and anthracite.

2. PUMA Rebound Lay-up 

Irrespective of whether you’re trying to make a fashion statement or actually trying to perfect that lay-up shot, look no further than this classic, low-cut, basketball-inspired trainer designed by PUMA. The sneakers come with a soft foam in-sole and a sock liner that provides superior cushioning and a supportive fit for your feet. Make every step of your day enjoyable with these slightly heeled shoes. Great to wear outdoors to the mall or a game of ball with friends in the park.

3. Hugo Boss Saturn Lowp Mx 

The Hugo Boss Saturn Lowp Mx sneakers are lightweight and are great for men who want to sport a casual look. The minimalist design bolsters style and elegance. The in-sole comes with memory foam for maximum cushioning and breathability. The sneakers are set on a rubber sole and lined in bamboo-charcoal fabric to control moisture and odour.

4. Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford Sneakers

This casual low-top sneaker is comfortable and an all-time classic. It has a soft, cushioning in-sole and is crafted with a cotton canvas on the outside. The heel features a small leather panel detail that adds a rich look to the sneaker. It comes in over 10 different colours, including Newport navy/red, grey, pure white, charcoal, blue, dark carbon grey, and tan. 

For women:

5. Skechers UNO 

Skechers is synonymous with memory-foam insoles. The classic air-cushioned in-sole construction of the brand is now available in the Skechers Uno sneaker. The upper area is made of smooth faux leather with stitches and perforations. The in-sole is constructed with air-cooled memory foam. These pair of sneakers are available in every colour you desire – dark red, white, navy, rose and lots more.

6. Adidas Advantage Base 

Take your casual look a notch higher with these Adidas Advantage Base women's sneakers. These shoes have a sleek leather-like upper that is perforated with the brand's three stripes. The upper area is made of synthetic leather and has a textile lining on the out-sole. The low-cut shape rides on a smooth rubber cup sole. It comes in classic colours – black, white, and variations of off-white.

7. Nike Woman’s Royale 2 

No one beats Nike in the sneakers game. This pair of sneakers is perfect to wear on your day out. It has a comfortable, cushion fit and is great for minimalists. The surface material is made of leather and works well for long hours outdoors. The ankle is lightly padded and has a reinforced heel. The in-sole is made of breathable material and is easy on the feet. The sneakers are available in attractive colours – black, white, and champagne.


8. Adidas Unisex Adults' Sport 

These tennis shoes are geared more towards making you look fashionable and less towards enhancing your performance on the tennis court. The unisex pair of sporty sneakers conform to the 1970’s style and has a retro look to it. It has an upper made of leather with three perforated stripes on one side and stitched contrast stripes on the other. The ultra-soft cushioning on the in-sole ensures a comfortable fit and is perfect to wear for both women and men. Just don’t forget to get the right size!

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