Watch! Speeding Tesla Model 3 aquaplanes and crashes

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Watch! Speeding Tesla Model 3 aquaplanes and crashes

There have been several crashes involving Tesla’s electric vehicles – three of which have resulted in three fatalities. The company’s Autopilot driving system is being heavily scrutinized and it begs the question: Are we really ready for self-driving cars to hit the streets?

In late December last year a Model S ran a red light in Gardena, California and hit a Honda Civic, killing two people and on the same day a Model 3 crashed into parked firetruck in Indiana. The Tesla’s passenger was killed while earlier in the month another Model 3 hit a police car in Connecticut but fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The latest Tesla crash - with the car on Autopilot - appears to have been caused due to driver error. While doing 120kph in the rain at night, holding and narrating into a mobile phone, and ignoring the “put hands on the wheel” alert, the driver of a Model 3 lost control of his EV… What a surprise.

Tesla has reiterated many times that its Autopilot system is designed to assist drivers but they must continue to pay attention to the road and be ready to intervene at all times.

The driver lived to tell the tale (and to post his video online...) and you can watch this mishap above…  


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