Watch a McLaren GT Sprint being driven up Ski Dubai!

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Watch a McLaren GT Sprint being driven up Ski Dubai!

Italian tyre major Pirelli, along with UAE-based motorsport team Dragon Racing International, pulled off a unique stunt at Ski Dubai. The 85-metre high ski slope at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates saw skier Abdullah Al Mehairi executing a hair-raising jump over a McLaren GT Sprint driven by Saeed Al Mehairi, a professional race car driver and senior driver coach at Dragon Racing.

The stunt was organised to highlight the grip and control provided by Pirelli’s new bespoke winter compound tyres. The campaign focuses on the crucial role played by the right tyres in providing optimum performance to high-performance vehicles.

“Saeed Al Mehairi pushed the car to the absolute limit on the ski slope, terrain that you would not normally expect a Supercar to be comfortable on. But the car handled exceptionally well, stayed completely under Saeed’s control allowing Abdullah to execute the jump secure in the knowledge that the car would not veer off-course,” said Alberico Avogadro, Managing Director, Pirelli Middle East.

Saeed Al Mehairi said that the experience of zooming up the indoor ski slope was unforgettable and an incredible experience for a race-car driver. Watch the video above.

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