Auto hummer ev
GMC has released a new teaser image that confirms the upcoming Hummer EV will feature a removable roof. Image Credit: GMC

As you know, the Hummer is making a comeback in 2022 as a pickup instead of an SUV and it will be an electric vehicle – and now GMC has revealed it will feature removable roof panels like the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.

The four roof panels and front T-bar will be able to be removed manually and there's no connector over the top of the front and rear window. GMC says the panels will be "easily removable" to "provide a unique open-air experience."

It looks like the Hummer EV will be a crew cab pickup with one large removable panel above the front seats while rear seat passenger’s view of the sky will be only partially blocked by a rollover bar and a central rear support.

In top trim, it is claimed it will produce 1,000 horsepower and get from 0-100kph in just 3 seconds. It is expected to be offered with one, two, or three electric motors. It could have a range of 644km.

It will also be available in multiple trims and configurations including a work-truck and a more capable off-road variant.