COVID-19: Tesla reveals new ventilator made from Model 3 car parts

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COVID-19: Tesla reveals new ventilator made from Model 3 car parts

Electric carmaker Tesla has posted a new video showing their first ventilator built using Model 3 car parts and designed to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. As of April 6, 337,915 cases have been confirmed in the US while 9,662 deaths have been attributed to the virus. 

Among the components that have been used includes a mixing chamber and an infotainment system sourced from the Model 3 saloon. The latter runs unique software which monitors patients and their breathing.

The almost 4 minute long video also gives a detailed look at how the ventilator works along with its backup system with an oxygen tank, an air compressor and a battery, to allow hospital staff 20-40 minutes to move a patient while still keeping them hooked up to the ventilator.

The video doesn’t reveal when the ventilator will go into production, but Musk has previously said they’ll build it “as soon as humanly possible.”

Other carmakers are doing their best to help fight this pandemic; GM has teamed up with Ventec Life Systems to build ventilators at their plant in Kokomo, Indiana. Ford is also gearing up to build 50,000 ventilators by July 4th.


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