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In the first-half, BMW did quite well on the electric and electrified models. Hydrogen would thus open up another front for the German maker. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE and Middle East buyers are getting a feel for EVs, with more switching their driving preferences by the quarter. But that’s not stopping the BMW Group to push hydrogen-powered vehicles into the mix. At the first opportunity…

“I am convinced that hydrogen - one of the most efficient options for storing and transporting renewable energy - will play a major role as a fuel in this region of the world,” said Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East. “We will be piloting the second generation of our hydrogen fuel cell drive train in a small series of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen in due course.

“In addition to the transition to renewable energies in production and the supply chain, we will also significantly reduce our resource consumption as we pave the way for a stronger circular economy.”

With EVs, the luxury carmaker has done well enough going by the first-half 2022 numbers. BMW Group more than doubled sales of pure electric vehicles to 75,890 units, with the April-June phase accounting for 40,601 of them. Sales of electrified vehicles also were up, by 20.4 per cent to 184,468 units.

“Our high degree of flexibility and operational performance have proven time and again to be an effective combination to ensure the BMW Group’s successful course even in rough waters,” said Oliver Zipse, BMW AG CEO. “This strength will now be important again, as we see an increasing economic headwind coming up in addition to the ongoing supply shortages.”

The breakup of Middle East sales numbers were not provided. The region’s automotive market too has not escaped the shipping and supply issues that have dogged the industry for the better part of 18-24 months.

The regional chief, Haqparwar, said: “Overall, the first-half of the year showed that the BMW Group, thanks to its flexibility, high level of expertise and foresight, was able to continue on its strategic path and push forward with the transformation towards sustainable mobility. As a leader in e-mobility, we firmly believe in the course we have chosen and continue to pursue our strategy in the Middle East – with the right products at the right time.”