Video! Chris Brown wraps his Lambo in purple and blue

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Video! Chris Brown wraps his Lambo in purple and blue

With just 600 examples having been built in all, the Lamborghini Aventador  LP750-4 Superveloce (SV) coupe is a rare and exclusive model. But when you’re Chris Brown, that isn’t exclusive enough! The singer has commissioned car-customisation experts RDBLA to personalise his special Lambo to make it even more special.

Brown, who is known for his fleet of mostly customised supercars and luxury rides, had already done some mods to his Aventador SV earlier, wrapping it in gold chrome.  Now, he’s got RDBLA top deck it out with a Liberty Walk widebody kit complete with flared front and rear wheel arches, an altered front bumper with a splitter, unique side skirts, and a custom bonnet. It also gets a massive rear wing and a carbon fibre rear diffuser.

The gold wrap has been ditched in favour of an equally gaudy two-tone wrap, this time purple and blue! Even the custom Forgiato wheels are finished in these two colours, with the front duo getting purple, and the rear ones wrapped in blue. It’s also been lowered on Novitec Suspension and is equipped with a custom exhaust system.

Garish custom jobs don’t go down well with most car lovers, but in case you’re interested in seeing how RDBLA did the custom job for Brown, you can watch the video here…

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