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UAE Emergencies

Sharjah cracks down on lapses leading to risk of children falling from balconies

Various authorities partner up to warn parents about dangers, share safety guidelines

Sharjah Civil Defence placing a safety awareness poster in the lobby of a residential tower, as part of the field visits
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Child Safety Department (CSD) has launched field visits to residential buildings across Sharjah to warn families about the risks of children falling from balconies and windows and to offer practical guidance to avoid such dangers.

CSD’s initiative comes as part of the ‘Their Safety First’ summer campaign in collaboration with the Sharjah Civil Defence, Sharjah Police, Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, and Sharjah City Municipality.

Designed to enhance parental awareness and encourage the adoption of essential safety measures within households, the initiative involves placing informative posters in building elevators and lobbies, encouraging parents to ensure the safety of their children from the perils of falling from heights.

Fatal falls 

The initiative comes against the backdrop of several incidents, over the years, of residents – mostly children – falling to their death from balconies and windows.

Most of the cases involved young children being left alone or unsupervised at home. Police, prosecutors and civil defence have repeatedly warned against neglecting children, and removing furniture and other objects that could be used by small children to climb and access open windows or ledges of balconies.


Now, in the latest campaign, officials from various departments have joined hands to personally visit residential towers to raise much-needed awareness about the risks.

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Commencing in Al Nahda, these visits will subsequently encompass the central and eastern regions, expanding the scope of the awareness campaign.

Safeguarding against falls

The guidelines include:

• avoid leaving children without supervision within the household or on the balcony.


• seek authorisation from relevant authorities for the installation of transparent acrylic barriers on the balcony

• firmly close balcony doors and only allow them to be opened when necessary

• use appropriate safety locks for windows and balcony entry points.

Need for awareness

CSD has stressed the importance of educating children about the dangers linked to climbing or hanging from balconies.

CSD Deputy Director Nahla Al Saadi said: “Our primary objective is to safeguard children from all potential hazards, diligently scrutinising prevalent behaviours that can tragically jeopardise their well-being.”

CSD Deputy Director Nahla Al Saadi (second left) with other officials during the campaign in Al Nahda
Image Credit: Supplied

She added: “Children’s falling from balconies or windows stands out as an exceedingly perilous threat to their health and lives, particularly during their developmental stage and due to their increased curiosity about their surroundings. Often, their inclination to engage in venturesome actions unwittingly leads them to assume risks without comprehending the potential consequences.”

Nahla continued: “Inadequate supervision by parents or caretakers is a common cause of children falling from heights. By taking simple and essential precautions, we focus on raising awareness and promoting safety at home, especially on balconies and near windows. These measures, requiring minimal effort and cost, can spare children from the devastating impact of falls, ensuring their well-being.”