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A little negligence can cost a human life

Regular car maintenance can reduce the risk of accidents and save lives

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Regular car maintenance is essential to a better performing car. Every vehicle should undergo inspection on regular intervals to avoid unforeseen events on the roads. Sadly, many car owners do not take the aspect of car safety seriously and continue to ignore it until something major happens. The same was the case with my brother, who thought that a new car does not require much maintenance as compared to older models. This opinion of his nearly cost him his life when he got involved in a fatal car accident in Sharjah during Ramadan last year. The car he was travelling in flipped twice and came to a halt after hitting a barrier. My brother sustained moderate injuries and had to escape by crawling out of the window, but was fortunate to survive given the severity of the crash.

Also, another fact is that most men believe they are experts when it comes to their cars and do not need a woman’s advice. The last time I drove the car, I felt it had problems with its tyres. As a result, the brakes weren’t functioning properly. The car took more time to come to a halt and an accident was sure to happen in case of a sudden break. I reported this issue to my brother who said that since the car was new, it was something I should not be worried about.

Barely a week later, I received a call informing us that my brother had a serious accident and had been rushed to hospital. My worst fear came true. I knew the car was facing some technical issues that needed a thorough check and repairs. It was later that we discovered through an investigation that the car’s tyres were worn out, leading to decreased grip on the road. It was also found that my brother was driving at a high speed and was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Due to the high speed being involved and the condition of the car, the car went out of control near a sharp turning on a bridge, leading to the disaster.

By sharing my personal story, I just hope to create awareness amongst motorists who more than often tend to disregard issues relating to their vehicles. People should understand that driving faulty vehicles or those that require repairs is suicidal. It is not worth it to save the money. This could lead to a tyre-burst, brake failure, the vehicle over-turning and other related issues on the road that could prove fatal.

- The reader is a freelance writer based in Sharjah.

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