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A Sudanese woman holds a placard during a demonstration in Khartoum on June 30. Image Credit: REUTERS

Abu Dhabi - The UAE on Tuesday called on Sudan’s army and protesters to continue dialogue and avoid violence after protest leaders called for a one-day “civil disobedience” campaign.

“It is important for dialogue to continue in Sudan away from disputes and towards an agreement regarding transition arrangements,” UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash wrote on Twitter.

He said any transition should guarantee the establishment of a stable constitutional system.

Sudanese protest leaders called Monday for the nationwide campaign on July 14, just a day after they organised mass protests against the ruling generals who took over following the ouster of longtime leader Omar Al Bashir in April.

The move, which aims to increase pressure on the generals to hand power to a civilian administration, will be preceded by further mass protests on July 13, protest leaders said

“It is essential to avoid confrontation and escalation. It is clear that the opposition and the army need each other and need to reach agreement and avoid escalation of the crisis,” Gargash said.

Calls for the civil disobedience campaign, the second such general strike in less than a month, came as the two sides traded blame for violence during Sunday’s “million-man” that left 10 dead and scores wounded.

Ethiopia and the African Union have been mediating between the two sides but have yet to achieve a breakthrough.