Honour killing
Two Pakistani girls were shot dead in Pakistan after a video of them with a boy surfaced on social media. Image Credit: iStockphoto

Abu Dhabi: Lebanon witnessed two cruel crimes in one day, in the first a woman killed her ex-husband and turned herself to justice, and in the second a man killed his partner and committed suicide.

In one day, two domestic murders were committed in Lebanon, blame on the harsh, economic, financial and socio-health conditions the Lebanese live due to the coronavirus pandemic, which pushes people to commit unjustified crimes except in daily Lebanese madness.

First murder

In the Chouf district of Niha, a woman from the Al Daw family from the village of Al Qur’iya in Upper Matn arrived at the house of her ex-husband, Nabil Mahmoud Kulaib, by taxi, and killed him by shooting him with a handgun, several bullets, one of which was fatal in the chest. Then she drove his car to the gendarmerie platoon, the Lebanese internal security forces, in the city of Aley, where she confessed to her crime.

The Kulaib family, the Progressive Socialist Party, and all members of the Niha community mourned the deceased.

While the Daw family in the town of Al-Qurayyah issued a statement saying: “After the tragic incident in the town of Niha, whose victim was the late Nabil Mahmoud Kulaib, one of the town’s sons and of Al Kulaib family, the honorable family that we respect, and under the honorable customs of the monotheistic clan, we put ourselves before our social and religious responsibilities, and we must absolve those who commit such heinous acts.”

The Daw family added, “Accordingly, we announce our repudiation of the daughter of our family who committed this heinous act, and we demand the competent authorities and the judiciary to clear the circumstances of the crime and take the appropriate legal action.”

Second murder

In Aley, S. Khaddaj, 48, from the town of Bayssour, shot and killed Ghosn, 52, from Al Basatin town, using a pump-action rifle, killing her, and then killing himself.

Officals of the security services and forensic evidence came to the crime scene in Aley, raised fingerprints and opened an investigation into the murder, then the Red Cross transported the two bodies to Al Iman Hospital in Aley to complete the investigations, and uncover the causes and motives of the crime.

According to what was reported by one of the elders of the Al Basatin town, an affair linked Khaddaj and Ghosn. “However, no one knows the motives of the murder he committed as he went to her house and killed her before he fired a bullet at himself and died,” the elder said.

Investigations are continuing to clear this crime, especially since no one of the family of the murdered knows the cause of it.

Talal Arslan, head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, tweeted: “The religion of monotheism is the religion of tolerance, love and forgiveness, the religion of honesty and the preservation of the family and the Muslim fraternity. All the crimes that have occurred recently in some villages of Chouf and Aley with different forms and causes, do not belong to them. We condemn and all kinds of killing and criminality, so let us return to our values and principles that we were brought up with. “

The head of the Arab Tawhid Party, former minister Wiam Wahhab, tweeted: “These crimes in the Chouf and Aley are far from the values of our monotheistic society, so we must return to these values and abide by the directions of our sheikhs who maintain these values.”