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A member of the Iranian army walks past rows of beds at a temporary 2,000-bed hospital for COVID-19 coronavirus patients set up by the army at the international exhibition center in northern Tehran, Iran, on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Image Credit: AP

New cases of coronavirus in the Middle East are on the rise, with Iran’s COVID-19 infections shooting up to 38,309 and Turkey’s cases climbing to 9,217.

The region has also reported new deaths from the COVID-19 virus, with Iran — the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the Mena region — registering 2,640 deaths, the highest number of fatalities.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia recorded four new deaths, bringing the total fatalities to eight. The Kingdom recorded 96 new infections, bringing its tally to 1,299.


The UAE reported one new death and 102 new cases, bringing its total number of infections to 570.


Qatar reported 44 new cases, bringing to 634 the total infections, and three discoveries


Kuwait recorded 20 new COVID-19 cases, bringing to 255 the total infections across the country. A total of 67 infected persons have fully recovered.


Bahrain announced 23 new infection, bringing its tally to 476 cases, with seven recoveries, raising the total number of recovered patients to 272. The Health Ministry said that there are 223 cases are still under healthcare, 222 of which are stable, and one is in the intensive care unit. The kingdom registered four deaths so far.


Oman reported 15 new coronavirus infections, taking its toll to 167 COVID-19 cases.


Egypt registered 33 new cases, bringing its total number of infections to 609, and its death toll climbed to 40 after four infected people had died on Sunday.


Jordan reported its third death from coronavirus, and 13 new cases, bringing its tally to 259 cases.

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Palestine announced two new cases, with a total number of infections reaching 102.


Iraq recoded 42 new cases, taking to 547 its total infections. The war-torn country reported 42 deaths.


Lebanon announced two new deaths, bringing its death toll to 10, with its total infections jumping to 438 after reporting 26 new cases.


Syria reported four new cases, taking its tally to nine, and one death.


Morocco registered 104 new infections, bringing the total cases to 463. Two new deaths were also reported, bringing the death toll to 26.


Tunisia registered 51 new cases, shooting up to 278 infections. It also reported eight deaths.


Algeria reported 57 new infectious peoples, with 511 total infections. It also recorded two new deaths, taking to 31 its tally of fatalities.


Libya reported five new cases on Sunday, bringing to eight its total infectious cases.


Sudan registered six cases only so far.


Turkey’s coronavirus deaths climbed to 131 after reporting 23 new fatalities from the virus. Ankara reported 1,815 new cases of COVID-19, taking its tally to 9,217.


Iran, the Mena’s coronavirus worst-hit country, has so far reported a total of 2640 deaths, and 28,309 infections.


Israel’s coronavirus cases jumped to 3,865, with 15 deaths.