210302 Yemen
the damage on a grocery shop in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, after a military projectile launched by Yemen's rebel Houthis fell early Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: Five people were injured after a missile launched by Yemen’s Al Houthi militia fell in Jazan, southwestern Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

The media spokesperson for the Civil Defense directorate in Jazan region, Colonel Mohammed bin Yahya Al Ghamdi, said that “the directorate had received a report about the fall of a military projectile launched by the Iranian-backed Al Houthi militia from inside Yemeni territory toward one of the border villages in Al Harath governorate in Jazan region.”

Al Ghamdi said the missile damaged civilian property, including two homes, a grocery store and three cars, protected under international humanitarian law.

Five people, three Saudis and two Yemeni residents, were injured by shrapnel and were taken to the hospital. The statement said “their health condition is stable, and the procedures adopted in such cases have also been directly implemented.”