For illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: A Kuwaiti man had shot dead his brother and turned himself over to police, local media reported.

The murder took place in the governorate of Al Ahmadi and police were investigating circumstances of the incident.

The suspect attributed the murder to the victim’s allegedly troublemaking behaviour and that he was acting in self-defence after his brother attempted to attack him with a knife, reports said.

Kuwait, a country of around 4.6 million people mostly migrant workers, has seen a series of violent incidents in recent months.

In June, a young Syrian man, fleeing after killing his mother, fatally stabbed a traffic policeman in the Kuwaiti area of Al Mahboula in the governorate of Al Ahmadi.

Dubbed in the local media the Mahboula crime, the murder shook Kuwait and triggered calls for tougher enforcement of law and more protection for police.