Karachi police roller skates
Karachi Police hope the use of roller skates will help them prevent and reduce crime in the city. Image Credit: Suppied

Islamabad: Pakistan’s biggest city of Karachi will soon have police officers on roller skates to chase muggers and street criminals.

Karachi city police department is currently training 20 police officers, 10 men and 10 women, to specialise in the use of roller skates for easy mobility within the city to prevent and reduce the crime rate. A video by a local TV channel, Samaa, showed the police officers practice skating on short stairways with a firm grip on their weapons.

Special Investigations Unit Commandant Dr Farrukh Ali Lanjhar believes the new force on skates will greatly improve public safety in Karachi and help curb street crimes in a city with the highest crime rate in the country.

The new cost-effective tactic will enhance the mobility of the police officers especially in the narrow lanes of the densely populated city, giving them an edge to fight crimes. “Roller skates will give an edge to chase and apprehend suspects,” he said. This move can also facilitate the emergency services in the city to reach the affected area on time.

Pakistan’s police departments, often criticised for slow response and action, are now adopting technological measures to improve their performance. This year, Islamabad city police announced a drone patrol unit to assist police officers to effectively fight crime by making full use of high-tech surveillance tools. Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry recently also informed Gulf News that his ministry is in contact with police departments to create special drone units to help curb street crimes.