Mum and daughter reunite with a foot shake
Mum and daughter reunite with a foot shake Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: A 19-year-old British student was reunited with her family in Abu Dhabi after getting stuck in the United Kingdom for more than a month; thanks to the special arrangements made by the UAE authorities, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

Upon her arrival in Abu Dhabi, Eilidh Ashton, said: “I was born in the UAE. It is my country, and it is heartening to return to my homeland... There are no words that can express my thanks and gratitude to the UAE government for facilitating my return to the country and help me stay close to my mother, family and friends.”

For her part, the student’s mother, Christina Ashton, said that she is so happy with her daughter’s returning to her family, expressing her thanks and gratitude for the UAE’s wise leadership for their help.

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British student Eilidh Ashton reunited with her mother Christina Image Credit: WAM

Meanwhile, an Australian family residing in the UAE expressed their sincere thanks to the UAE for helping their son return to the country after getting stuck in Sydney for nearly two months.

Lindsey Macrobarts, the child’s mother who has been living in Dubai for twenty years, said she is so happy with the return of her 9-year-old son Lucas Alexander Somers, who was born in Dubai, expressing her thanks and gratitude to the UAE government for facilitating the return of her son.

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Lucas Somers reunited with his parents Image Credit: WAM

The child’s mother had accompanied her son to Sydney and left him with her family on a short vacation for 10 days after which he was supposed to return to Dubai where he lives. However, the unexpected global flight closures due to the precautionary measures to contain the new Corona virus ‘COVID-19’ aborted his plans to get back to the UAE.

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Lucas reunited with his parents at Abu Dhabi Airport Image Credit: WAM

The Australian child expressed his happiness at returning to the UAE and being able to reunite with his parents.